7 Travel Accessories You Should Always Have

Here are some essential things you need to carry while travelling

In this article, we'll share which travel essentials you should bring without on every flight. Pixabay

Whether you’re a person who travels a lot or if it’s your first time flying, it’s worth investing in a few items that will make your travels a lot more comfortable. Without knowing the must-have necessities, traveling will deem to be stressful and draining.

In this article, we’ll share which travel essentials you should bring without on every flight. These travel accessories and products are travel must-haves and will make any trip that much easier. These travel essentials are portable and can fit in any bag. They are also very affordable products that can either be found at your local malls or on eCommerce stores.

1.) Travel Plug Adapter

Whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, electric toothbrush, hairdryer, or flat iron, you’ll need to plug it into an electrical outlet to it, or to charge it. Two main things are essential to keep in mind: the socket types, and the voltage system. 

Different parts of the world have different socket types and voltages, that is where travel plug adapter comes in handy. You can invest in basic adapters, or buy adapters with more advanced sockets like USB and USB type-c ports. 

power-plug travel
A travel plug adapter is a must have accessory. Pixabay

2.) Portable Video Camera

When on vacation, who doesn’t like to capture the special moments to remember or share on social media? Because everyone has a smartphone nowadays, that’s usually the go-to device, since it’s with you all the time and can take pictures, videos, and allows you to post on social media at the same time.

However, consider bringing portable video cameras like action cameras or anything that is smaller than a smartphone. When you have dedicated cameras like these, you can catch the action easier with one-handed operation. You can put these cameras away quickly in your pocket and pull them out just as fast.

3.) Sporty or Rugged Travel Watches

There’s nothing more irritating than not having to know what time or date it is when traveling. In traveling, time management is crucial as you want to get the most of your trip and not waste time. 

Investing in quality digital watches that can both tell time, date, as well as both durable can prove useful in your travels. Avoid wearing metal or fragile watches as they are not ideal, especially if your trip involves more outdoor activities. There are a lot of affordable watches that are suited for traveling and adventure, so make sure always to wear one on your trips.

4.) Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is a service that you use to protect yourself when accessing the internet. Often, when traveling abroad or traveling within the city, you may have to use free WiFi. However, it’s a great place for hackers to steal your personal info like passwords, emails, or online banking accounts. 

From local coffee shops, airports, and hotels, you always want to make sure you’re protected. There’s absolutely no safety in these free WiFi networks. Accessing the internet through a VPN prevents hackers from snooping in and hacking your personal information; therefore, you’ll always be sure that you can safely browse the net without fear of cyber theft.

knife travel
You’ll be surprised at how pocket utility knives can be in almost any type of unexpected circumstances while you travel. Pixabay

5.) External Battery Pack

This travel essential goes without saying, and most people have one now, but if you don’t, you should consider investing in external battery packs a.k.a power banks. New phones get thinner and thinner while battery life doesn’t get much better, so bringing power banks in your travels will help keep you connected in taking videos and pictures all day long.

6.) HDMI Adapter

Whether you travel with a tour company or are touring on your own, you will likely end up doing a lot of walking. After a long day of walking, it would be nice to sit back and watch some of your favorite shows or streaming favorite youtube channels on a big screen HD TV. 

Since most hotels or Airbnb usually come with large HD TVs these days, all you need is an adapter to connect your smartphone or tablet to the HDMI port of the TV. No need to pay for expensive hotel movie rentals anymore. 

There are at least six ways you can do this: MHL adapter, Slimport Adapter, Lightning Digital AV adapter, Miracast, AllShare Cast, and ChromeCast. Make sure to bring an extra HDMI cable as in most cases; you won’t be able to know what kind of ports you’re hotel TV will have.

7.) Pocket Knives

You’ll never know what you’ll actually need one of these until you start bringing them around. You’ll be surprised at how pocket utility knives can be in almost any type of unexpected circumstances when traveling.

Cutting your nails, cutting a fabric or annoying hair, or in worst-case scenarios, defending yourself if the need arises, these are just some examples of situations where pocket knives can prove to be useful.

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There is no one list of travel accessories for every person. It all depends on your preference and what kind of vacation or place you’ll be going to. However, you can never go wrong with these seven essential travel accessories as they are proven to be useful for almost every kind of travel.


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