8 Tips For Healthy Skin During Monsoon

Fight monsoon with the perfect skincare for healthy skin

Healthy Skin
Moisturize dry skin. Unsplash

By Ayushi Sharma 

Although the monsoon season has hit us and brought along some respite from the heat, one cannot ignore the smell of rain, the lush green freshly bathed trees and the coolness of the breeze. Along with all the good things, it brings along with itself its share of skin issues.   Here are few tips that one can incorporate in their skincare routine for a Healthy skin throughout monsoon.

Quick tips to fight the monsoon humidity and take good care of our skin: 

  1. Drink tons of water 

One cannot stress enough the importance of drinking water. Water maintains the balance of body fluids. Your body is composed of about 60% water. Having enough water helps the body to flush out toxins while giving you healthier skin. This gives the skin its glow by increasing the blood flow.

2. Incorporate SPF in your skincare regime

SPF has various benefits for skin, notably protecting it from UV rays that cause wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and uneven pigmentation. Products with added SPF, have been proven to help prevent these visible signs of ageing. Sun rays consist of UV rays and Infrared rays which can cause skin problems like premature ageing. Even if you do not encounter sun in the monsoon, they affect your skin. Thus, incorporating and wearing sunscreen is extremely important even during the rainy season.

Healthy skin
Make sure you always (and I mean always) remove your makeup before hitting the sheets. Unsplash
3. Moisturize 

No matter what your skin type is, there is always a good moisturizer for it. Moisturizing and keeping your skin hydrated is very essential for healthy skin. Doing it every day can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful to skin and cause common skin conditions like acne. Therefore, using a gel-based moisturizer is the key to adequate moisturized skin.

4. Applying Ice duly on the skin 

This might sound weird to you, but applying an ice cube on the skin is the first step to firm, plump, and healthy skin of all models worldwide. All you have to do is apply an ice cube generously on the skin after washing it with your daily face wash. Follow it twice a day and you’ll notice considerable changes in a week. Applying ice on your face helps instantly giving your face  a fresh and dewy look without wearing makeup. While improving blood circulation and giving your face a healthy glow. It also prevents premature aging and wrinkles. Ice reduces large pores and minimizes the production of excess oil.

5. Using an alcohol-free toner

Toner should be an essential part of your skincare routine. It comes to your rescue in removing all the grime after cleansing. Your toner shrinks pores and removes all the excess oil from your face, making it extremely beneficial for acne-prone skin. It forms an additional protective layer, reducing the risk of environmental contaminants entering your skin. Toner also helps to balance the pH level of your skin maintaining healthy skin.

Healthy skin
Keep a note of what you put on your plate. Eat fresh fruits, greens, sufficient protein, and vitamins. Unsplash

Exfoliating your skin helps you to eliminate stubborn dead skin cells and flakes from the skin’s surface. It helps reveal new skin under the dead skin cells and flakes. But at the same time, over-exfoliating one’s skin can be really harmful to the skin. Over-Exfoliating your skin can wipe away skin cells and natural oils, allowing premature exposure of underlying skin. The skin appears as if it has a radiant shine. However, it results to very dry and exposed skin. It damages the skin to a great extent.

7. Applying cucumber to the skin 

Applying cucumber should be a priority during monsoon. It reduces swelling and puffiness. It aids acne-prone skin. Cucumber helps combat premature aging. It soothes irritation. It also provides a base for hydration.

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8. Wash your face twice a day 

A common benefit of facial cleansing is the removal of dirt, excess oil, and other unwanted debris. All throughout the day your skin is exposed to various bacteria, pollutants, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Washing your twice a day with simply water or your daily mild face cleanser will help you remove these impurities to give your healthy skin a fresh look.

Let’s all incorporate these basic tips into our skincare regime and have a good looking healthy skin post-monsoon.