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89 Percent Of Respondents Displaying Keen Interest To Resume Travel

Indians are opting for a longer duration of stay

A combination of lockdown fatigue and strong pent-up demand, coupled with positive sentiment due to announcements about the vaccine saw 89 percent of respondents displaying keen interest to resume travel, finds a new survey. The Second Holiday Readiness Report (December 2020) added that 11 percent are unsure or undecided.

Thomas Cook India and its Group company, SOTC Travel, surveyed over 2,700 customers across India’s Tier 1 & 2 cities in a recent survey to identify emerging consumer behaviors and trends that will drive travel preferences during the COVID era.

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Other key highlights of the finding:

Preferred travel period: 67 percent of respondents are willing to travel in the next 6 months while 33 percent indicated that they would wait for the launch of the vaccine.

Mode of Travel: 71 percent of respondents displayed confidence in air travel and this has been substantiated by the increased demand for flight-inclusive packages at both companies. While short driveable holidays were preferred post lockdown, only 29 percent of respondents now show a preference for road travel.

Domestic and International Travel — both in Demand: 52 percent of respondents stated that they are likely to take a domestic holiday. Preferred destinations in India include Goa (38 percent); Himachal Pradesh (29 percent); Ladakh & Kerala (20 percent); North East (19 percent), Kashmir & Andamans (15 percent).

67 percent of respondents are willing to travel in the next 6 months. Pixabay

Given the easing of travel restrictions, international destinations are seeing an upward demand trajectory with 48 percent of respondents likely to take an international holiday. Europe tops the leader-board at 58 percent; favored destinations include Switzerland, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. This is followed by a strong interest in short-haul destinations (50 percent) such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Maldives, Indonesia. Australia & New Zealand (25 percent) also feature well, followed by the Americas (19 percent).

Health & Safety continues to take top priority in travel decisions: Respondents continue to display an increasing focus on hygiene and safety – with 93 percent of respondents highlighting this as the most important factor while deciding a holiday. Noteworthy: An increase of 18 percent observed from the 75 percent reported in the First Holiday Readiness Travel Report (May 2020).

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Willingness to Increase Spends basis Health & Safety: 73 percent of respondents said that they are willing to increase spends to ensure higher levels of health & safety on their holiday — a significant 38 percent increase from the First Holiday Readiness Travel Report (May 2020).

Indians display an increased appetite for holiday spends: Signalling positivity for the industry as a whole, 75 percent of respondents are willing to spend above Rs 1 lakh per person on their holidays.

Group Size: 85 percent of respondents indicated that they prefer solo-travel / as a couple / with family and friends — a 22 percent increase from the First Holiday Readiness Travel Report (May 2020). 15 percent of respondents prefer traveling as a group of 20+ travelers.

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Duration of Holiday – Indians seek longer holidays: In the absence of their annual summer vacation and short breaks this year, Indians are opting for a longer duration of stay – with 74 percent of respondents preferring a holiday of 4-10 nights, followed by 16 percent preferring 10+ nights and merely 10 percent opting for a short break of up to 3 nights.

Booking Channels – Indians need a human interface for guidance/reassurance in today’s COVID-19 era: Given the prevailing uncertainty, a significant 71 percent of respondents stated that they require guidance from a holiday expert and preferred to visit an outlet/Virtual Store/video chat while planning their holidays. In comparison merely 29 percent selected the website/app as their preferred booking channel. (IANS)



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