A major pipeline diverts to save New Vrindavan Holy Dham, a Hindu Temple in US

Where hate crimes are on the rise in the US, the Rover Pipeline has been rerouted to save a Hindu temple

A Hindu Temple, (representative image) ,Wikimedia

West Virginia, USA, Mar 13, 2017: In order to save the New Vrindavan Holy Dham, Rover Pipeline, an Energy Transfer Partners subsidiary; has decided to divert the pipeline near Moundsville in New Virginia, as per a report in Topyaps.

Owing to its Dakota Pipeline project in the North Dakota region, Energy Transfer Partners has been receiving criticism.

The American Hindu Committee is highly appreciating this decision to save Lord Krishna’s temple located in North Virginia.

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President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed expressed his gratitude towards Rover Pipeline for giving due regard to the sentiments of the Hindus for the temple complex and maintaining the sanctity of the place.

Zed further urged all the businesses to work towards respecting and accommodating all religious sentiments.

The $4.2 million Rover Pipeline is a 713-mile natural gas pipeline transporting gas to the markets in the US and Canada.

– Prepared by Nikita Saraf, Twitter: @niki_saraf