AAP to provide on-line access to MLAD funds

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By NewsGram Staff Writer

The AAP-led Delhi government is all set to develop a web portal which will make the Local Area Development Funds and the project details of the MLAs online.

Implementation will be done by the end of this month, making it a unique and exclusive initiative amongst all states in India. The government is also planning to train the MLAs in a two-day programme which will be held next week. All MLAs would be trained in using the portal and each one will have a unique login ID.

The governing body of all such projects will be the newly constructed Delhi Urban Development Authority (DUDA). It will be headed by the respective district magistrates in each of the 11 districts. It would also cover projects approved during the recent mohalla sabha meetings. The following would be financed through the Swaraj Fund.

After it came into effect on August 15, DUDA has been termed as the answer to red-tapism in delivering development projects. The authority will also work as the central agency for the execution of all developmental projects in Delhi.