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AAP keeps bowling bouncers at Arun Jaitley over DDCA issue

New Delhi: Aam Admi Party today opened another front against Arun Jaitley in the DDCA corruption issue with party leader Ashutosh alleging that the finance minister tried to interfere with the police investigation against the irregularities in the sports body.

Yesterday, CM Arvind Kejriwal in an interview with NDTV targeted the finance minister of India.

Today DDCA also said that they will file a defamation case against the AAP and its leaders.

The tussle is increasing every day with attacks and counter attacks being hurled at each other from both the parties.

The AAP versus BJP fiasco is nothing new in Indian politics. Arvind Kejriwal once said things about BJP leader Nitin Gadkari and in reply Gadkari filed a defamation case. It created controversy and lot of talks but after a while everybody moved past along.

There is a probability that this will also have the same fate. Ironically in India the more noise about an issue, the faster it dies.

It also raises the question why AAP is so interested in DDCA. The simple explanation is that they are the ruling party in Delhi and DDCA is the official cricket organisation of Delhi. It is also to be noted that DDCA is an autonomous body.

The other explanation is AAP acting as a vigilante, unearthing corruption happening anywhere.

There might be more to this strife between AAP and BJP over DDCA. First, it is simply an example of going after your opposition, trying to bring them down, ans malign their image, which will clearly lead to personal benefits.

First, it simply is an example of going after your opposition, trying to bring them down, maligning their image which will clearly lead to personal benefits.

Indian cricket is so strong at the world level that it almost acts like how America acts in general. There is a lot of power and money involved. Every politician in India tried to control their state’s cricket body which can lead them up to BCCI.

PM Narendra Modi himself was the Chief of the Gujarat Cricket Association while he was also the CM of the state. Now BJP Chief Amit Shah holds this position. Many leaders like Sharad Pawar, Anurag Thakur, and Jyotiraditya Scindia are the heads of their state’s cricket body. Arvind Kejriwal might be attempting to do the same thing.

This confrontation does not seem to end in the near future. It will be interesting to see if the allegations put forth by the AAP are proved right and what will be their consequences, and if not, then how much AAP will be able to retain its credibility as they have made so much noise already that it will be hard to take a step back.



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