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AAP’s pick Upkar Singh Sandhu for Punjab Elections

AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal has levelled serious charges of drug peddaling on him

– by Himanshi Goyal 

Punjab, Feb 1, 2017: Upkar Singh Sandhu is infamous as a relentless turncoat who keeps switching between the political parties.

He stepped down from his post from ‘Shiromani Akali Dal’ (SAD) in October, 2015 but rejoined it within 15 days.

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Then, in October, 2016, he entered Congress and recently stepped in Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He is a former aide of Bikram Singh Majithia. Bikram Singh Majithia leads ‘Youth Akali Dal’ and has been recently accused of dealing in drugs by the AAP. Apart from this, Upkar has also been slapped with land grabbing cases.

Notably, AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal has levelled serious charges of drug peddaling on him. Even calling him a ‘bollywood villian’! Intrestingly the same Arvind Kejrival has given ticket to his aide with 48 hours of joing AAP.

A few days back, the same had stolen the limelight through its campaign ‘ChalMajithiajailmein’- arvind-kejriwal-punjab-rallies-bikram-singh-majithia-election

So a simple question arises: Why has AAP given the ticket to such a man who does not hold a clean  record? He was given a ticket within 48 hours of getting admitted into the party. When AAP has certain unique, fundamental, and guiding principles for its party, then why is it violating it? Is this a well sharply crafted political step?

The answer to all these questions is the same, politics in the political system of India.

Turncoats getting tickets and AAP dumping finacial transparency party in shady matter does not look as a coincidencee.

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The AAP whose USP has been clean politics is all set to embrace corruption in its organization. Upkar Singh Sandhu is a parasite hosting AAP.

Ignoring the dark criminal reports and the rules of the party, AAP is turning to be the part of murky corrupt politics fast.




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