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Abdul Latif: The Man Who Supposedly Inspired SRK’s Raees

Latif had over 100 cases against him for charges like murdering, kidnapping, extorting, rioting, etc.

Abdul Latif was the master of illegal alcohol trade in Gujarat. YouTube

By Ruchika Verma

  • Abdul Latif was a famous underworld don
  • He controlled the illegal liquor business in Gujarat
  • He has a long record of criminal activities and political contacts which lead to his downfall

Almost everyone watches Shahrukh Khan’s blockbuster movie, ‘Raees.’ And almost everyone appreciated it too. Not only because of Shahrukh Khan’s or other actors’ performances but also, because of the brilliant story line.

It is believed that SRK's Raees is loosely based on Abdul Latif's life. Youtube
It is believed that SRK’s Raees is loosely based on Abdul Latif’s life. Youtube

Everyone was amazed by the story of Raees, who went from Rags to riches really quick. Everyone enjoyed the movies, however, not many know that this movie was loosely based on the life a real gangster named Abdul Latif, who was a bootlegger of illegal alcohol in Gujarat.

So, who is Abdul Latif?

Abdul Latif was a don in Gujarat, born in the year 1951 in the Kalupur district of Ahmedabad, in a poor Muslim family. He went on to become one of the biggest underworld figures in Gujarat and an associate of Dawood Ibrahim.

He started by serving liquors in local gambling dens as a teenager. As he became older, he became a successful bootlegger, eventually monopolising the illegal liquor business in Gujarat.

Abdul Latif was famous for his ways of doing work and getting work done. Latif had over 100 cases against him for charges of murdering, kidnapping, extorting, rioting, etc.

He was also one of the main culprits during the Mumbai blasts of 1993. He was the main culprit who supplied RDX to the attackers. He was arrested in 1995 in New Delhi. by that time, he had 243 cases against himself and his gang. He was placed in Sabarmati Jail for the trail and was shot died in 1997 at the age of 46 when he tried to escape.

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Abdul Latif and Politics

Underworld and Politics are closely linked, no matter how much they both deny this.

Abdul Latif was a popular face in the business. He was fearless and his risk-taking attitude and contacts made him the pioneer of this illicit liquor business.

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It was Latif’s political connections with parties like BJP and Janta Dal that made it easy for him to run his unethical business. However, when the parties decided to separate themselves, Abdul Latif just became an issue which was rigorously used to win the elections. His name was used by all political parties who wanted to win the Gujarat elections. This lead to the downfall of the Muslim Robinhood, Abdul Latif.

Here is what Prime minister Modi has to say about him :

He was arrested the very same year in which BJP won the elections.

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