Kolkata Police on Mission: accident free city

08 AUG 2015_M SAMANTA.jpg (4) (1)By Arnab Mitra

Kolkata: The Kolkata Police, on its mission to make the city an accidentfree zone, has started using speedometers to check the speed of automobiles on a few busy and important areas in the city.

“The speedometer is correctly able to check the speed of the vehicle, and the defaulter is penalized,” said a sergeant.

This modern technology is used in various cities abroad. In India, the technology is used in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. According to a report on the Kolkata Police website, Kolkata is the sixth highest accident-prone city in India with approximately 1050 accidents in a year.

The Supreme Court mentioned in a recent verdict that the offender’s license should be seized for three months.

NewsGram spoke to a few Kolkatans who appreciate this drive by the Kolkata Police, believing it will help save quite a few lives.


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