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Correct Mirror Positioning Brings Happiness in Life- Here are Some Tips for doing it Rightly

Vastu Shastra tips on right mirror placement can bring prosperity in your life

RIght mirror placement brings prosperity in lives. Wikimedia.
  • Tips by Vastu Shastra Guru on correct mirror placement.
  • Placement of mirrors in the right place bring prosperity in the people’s lives.

Let’s talk about some best places to hang Mirror in Home

The Traditional Hindu system of architecture, Vastu Shastra explains why right mirror placement plays a pivotal role in one’s life. It is a significant element of Vastu Shastra, as it affects the positive and negative nature of energy of the place of mirror positioning.

Mirrors stagnate energy. Therefore, if positioned correctly, they may attract humongous fortune-wealth, health, happiness and bring prosperity in your life. Vastu Shastra Gurus have said that mirrors attract negative energies and repel positive energies.

Where To Hang Mirrors In Home: Vastu Tips

Right Placement Of Mirror helps in “Maintaining Harmony”

A house where a married couple resides, the Mirror should be placed rightly in the bedroom or the bathroom as per the Vastu Shastra, to ensure harmony between the couple.  The mirror placed in their children’s room should be placed in a way, which does not flicker their concentration.

Glass objects should be placed in the North and East

Place mirrors and various glass showpieces in the Northern or Eastern direction. The mirror should around 4-5 feet above the wall. Avoid placing a mirror in the southern direction. Do not keep a mirror, glass object or any shining thing in front of the main gate, or anything that reflects light at the main entrance sending all the positive energy away from home.

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Where to place Dressing Table : Vastu Tips


Mirror placement
Dressing table should be placed next to the bedside. Pixbay

Keep a dressing table with a big mirror by the side of the bed, as it’s said to be auspicious.

 Keeping locker opposite mirror


mirror placement
Locker should be right opposite the mirror. Pixbay

Placing a mirror in front of a cash locker attracts more and more wealth. Similarly, if the view outside your window is beautiful, then you should be placing a mirror right opposite the view too.

Don’t keep a mirror opposite a mirror: Vastu Tips

Mirrors should not be placed opposite each other. The Gurus of the conventional Hindu architecture system say that such positioning would encourage restlessness.

Don’t have mirror tiled Kitchen

A mirror tiled kitchen reflects flames. As mirrors symbolizes water, the clash of water and fire is deadly; therefore, it is best to avoid mirror tiled kitchen.

Our home is the best place to go; hence, it is our responsibility to fill it with positivity and content. A few tips like these will remove the solitude depressing us, and make our life happier and better than it ever was.

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These Five Plants Can be Your Lucky-Charms in Life

These plants have an aura and an energy, which can improve your luck

Tulsi. Pixabay.
  • Plants and trees are being worshiped since ancient times.
  • Vastu Scholars have believed that planting trees at home would bring you closer to good fortune.

Luck is an aspect, which changes without letting you know. But, we all try to influence our luck by believing in certain things called ‘lucky charms’. Call it superstitious or not, but we do. From wearing wrist bands and rings to keeping a small idol of Lord Ganesha, we fall into the trap of keeping little secrets in the form of lucky charms, don’t we? And if we do want to be lucky then why not adopt an eco-friendly lucky charm like plants? It may sound bizarre, but it really isn’t. Astrologers and Vastu experts have stated that worshipping trees and always staying beside them would save us from obstacles in life. Plants generate a positive atmosphere and attract prosperity and fortune.

Here is the List of 5 plants that brings good luck



Tulsi. Pixabay.

Tulsi or Basil leaves hold extreme significance in Hindu mythology. It is considered holy for Hindus. We all know that tulsi leaves consist medicinal properties and are used to enhance the health and taste quotient of food. But, what we don’t know is that tulsi has the quality of warding off the negative energy from your home and help you succeed financially in life. So, we must plant it as tulsi is the plant that brings good luck/charm.


‘Peepal’ tree: brings good luck to us:

Peepal tree, also known as Ficus religiosa is a plant species considered extremely auspicious by Hindus and is regularly worshipped by them. The tree is said to have the capacity to wash off the sins committed by you. Science has proven that residing around a Peepal tree will keep you healthy and develop a positive surrounding, as the organism gives out the maximum oxygen.

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Banana tree:

Banana tree. Pixabay.

Vastu experts have suggested that planting a banana tree on the north side of the house welcome wealth. And, if the Tulsi plant is grown next to the tree, good fortune will surround you all the time; hence, making you lucky.

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Money plant:

As the name itself suggests, money plant brings you a lot of good luck and wealth. Chinese have a tradition of gifting money plant on the New Years. It is believed that the plant’s shoot should point upwards, as it brings you wealth.


Rose plant. Pixabay.

Roses are believed to be the luckiest as they attract luck and love. And, different differents roses exude different energies. For example, red rose attracts true love and white rose marks purification and healing. A red rose with white spots symbolizes passion.

NewsGram is a Chicago-based non-profit media organization. We depend upon support from our readers to maintain our objective reporting. Show your support by Donating to NewsGram. Donations to NewsGram are tax-exempt.

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