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Actress Bhumi Pednekar New Character Breaks All Tags Associated With Woman

Bhumi Pednekar: Each person needs to be celebrated for who they are

Actress Bhumi Pednekar says her character in the upcoming film, “Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitaare”, breaks all the tags associated with being a woman.

“I think what I loved the most was the fact that this character (Kitty) is just about being a girl, just about being a person. We always have these tags — she is a good girl, she is a bad girl. This character breaks those tags,” Bhumi said.

Bhumi feels the audience hasn’t seen two sisters like Dolly and Kitty who aren’t perfect in the stereotypical sense of the word.

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“In our film, the sisters are real and they are perfect in their own way. Human beings aren’t black and white. They are complex, they are unique and each person needs to be celebrated for who they are. Each person has an individual journey and story to tell. Our film does that brilliantly. It’s a film where the women decide to live on their own terms.”

Women gained the right to vote in America in 1920. Wikimedia Commons

Bhumi feels “Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitaare” has an incredibly fresh take on womanhood.

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“Usually, women are pitted against each other. I think it’s a natural tendency just not for women but for all human beings to get competitive, especially if you are from the same family. However, by the end of it, a girl will be a girl and understand what the other girl is going through and it was this balance of humour and madness and drama that I loved about this film,” she said. (IANS)



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