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Actress Katrina Kaif Encourages Everyone To Be Fit

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says being healthy is the key and not of a particular body type. She encourages everyone to get with the idea of being fit.

“According to me, being healthy is key and not a body type. Everyone has a unique body type and we should empower each other to embrace it,” she tells IANSlife.

She advises that people should not be too hard on themselves to achieve a particular frame and physique. “Fitness is supposed to be a healthy journey of your mind and body so enjoy it but remember, balance is important,” she says.

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Adding: “Whether it’s jogging or running, but I highly encourage the idea of being fit to everyone. Forms of fitness vary among people; we should follow a regime we enjoy the most and what works best for us.”

She recently launched the brand’s new collection, Reebok Zig Horizon, which the actress says is most likely going to be her favourite sneaker for the season. Wikimedia Commons

Sharing her lockdown fitness regime, Katrina says the period has been a new experience for her just like for everyone else.

“I try to get in an hour of workout at home as often as I can, yet try not to be too hard on myself. I prefer a mix of activities like calisthenics and cardio to keep me entertained while I work-out, whether in the gym or at home. My all-time trainer and friend Yasmin Karachiwala helped me achieve this even during the lockdown,” said Katrina, who is also the brand ambassador of Reebok.

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More than a diet, Katrina sees it as “a healthy way of life… I prefer a low carb meal unless and until its cheat day.”

She recently launched the brand’s new collection, Reebok Zig Horizon, which the actress says is most likely going to be her favourite sneaker for the season. “What makes the Zig Kinetica Horizon collection unique is the exciting new colours it comes in. It’s been close to six months of staying in and working out at home, but to keep the momentum going I make sure I dress well while working out, and the new pop of colours Zig helps energise me instantly. I feel it can boost any athleisure look, coupled with the technological and modern aesthetics of the shoe make it an unbeatable match for my favourite season.” (IANS)



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