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An Agreement To Boost Online Jewellery Retail

GJEPC and eBay will also work jointly with the government on regulatory, policy, and procedural aspects for facilitating retail exports of Gem and Jewellery from India

To provide impetus to Indian gem and jewelry sellers on the global e-marketplace and explore potential business collaborations for sectoral growth, the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) and eBay-owned ES Online Services entered into an agreement on Thursday. The collaboration is a step towards facilitating gem and online jewelry exports through an e-commerce platform and drive the vision of Digital India, says Colin Shah, Chairman, GJEPC.

“The platform will enable Indian jewelers to have easy access to international buyers. During the pandemic, the industry demonstrated a keen willingness to adapt to new business realities. Demand for gems and jewelry is picking up in all major export markets, hence it is important for us to tap all-important online opportunities. I believe this association with eBay will be a key catalyst for the digital transformation of the gems and jewelry sector in India,” adds Colin Shah.

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As a first step, eBay says it will create a microsite for GJEPC members selling on the eBay website for better accessibility. It will assist members in the registration process on eBay Marketplace. GJEPC will be setting up an eCommerce Promotion and Facilitation Desk at all its six regional offices.

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For GJEPC members, eBay says it will offer its basic store subscription (worth US$ 27.95 per month) at no cost for three months. GJEPC and eBay will also work jointly with the government on regulatory, policy, and procedural aspects for facilitating retail exports of Gem and Jewellery from India.

Vidmay Naini, Country Manager, eBay India-CBT, says: “We are convinced that Indian Gems and online Jewellery sellers are well poised to scale their business and presence across the eBay marketplace globally. The MoU is a step forward in enabling them in this endeavor. Together with GJEPC we will educate, support, and scale these sellers on the eBay marketplace.” (IANS/SP)



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