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Al-Qaeda targets South Asia to make Base camps;Especially India

Al Qaeda plans making base terrorist camps in South Asia


WASHINGTON: A senior US defence official has pointed out that The top Al Qaeda leadership has started nurturing terror units in South Asia, including in India, to give a local face to their outfit

“We believe that Al-Qaeda’s senior most leadership realises that their presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been under pressure for quite some time. So, they wanted to create an organisation with more of a local face. People that are South Asian as opposed to Egyptian or something else thatcan last there long term,” the senior defence official said.

Wanting to remain anonymous, the official was responding to a question on the activities of Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent and its relationship with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

According to the official, the creation of Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent is part of the long-term planning of the Al Qaeda leadership to develop local leadership in the region.

“We believe it was created specifically as Al Qaeda’s permanent presence within South Asia,” the official said.

“So by South Asia means Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh…that whole region. Not just Afghanistan. And, certainly some of the intelligence that we found through raids in Afghanistan have indicated that there are connections between AQIS (Al Qaeda in Syria) guys in Afghanistan and people in Bangladesh and elsewhere within South Asia,” the official said.

“So, there’s a definite direct connection there. In the long-term planning, there, as well. We believe that Al Qaeda’s senior most leadership realises that their presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been under pressure for quite some time,” the official said.

Responding to questions, the official, who keep tracks of development on Al Qaeda and ISIS front, said that there are “definite” links between the Islamic State leadership in Syria and Iraq and those in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The core of Al Qaeda leadership is still in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the official pointed out.

Announcing the formation of Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent, its leader Ayman al-Zawahiri had said it would be “good news for Muslims in Burma, Bangladesh and in the Indian states of Assam, Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir, where they would be rescued from injustice and oppression”

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HP Considering India as a Key Focus Area

India is key focus area, 3D printers next big thing

HP India
HP unveils 65-inch gaming display with soundbar at CES 2019. Flickr

India is a very attractive market with high brand recognition for a computer hardware producer like HP, said HP Inc’s President for Asia Pacific and Japan, Tian Chong Ng.

The Asia Pacific region — in which India is a key focus area — has been the fastest growing for HP and provided 16 per cent revenue growth last year.

In Q1 of FY2019 it registered 8 per cent growth year-on-year, said Ng in the course of the HP Reinvent 2019 conference, the company’s largest global partner event.

One reason for that is — India – and also the Asia Pacific region — tick marks on demographics trends which provide clear wins for HP: rapid urbanisation and more millennials are joining the work force.

While HP is very positive on India and recognises its potential, there are no plans yet for setting up a manufacturing base in India. Ng said it already has a manufacturing base in China apart from others in Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.


“There is an existing ecosystem in China and we don’t have plans for setting up a manufacturing base in India, he said.

One focus area is the 3D printer, which offers HP great opportunity. Construction and automotive sectors are the focus areas here. Meanwhile, an MoU has been signed with the Andhra Pradesh government.

“To be successful in India demands that we understand it,” he said.

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HP is also pushing gaming in a big way. However, this has not led to any thinking for manufacturing mobile phones in India, despite the high number of gamers in the country spurred by affordable android phones and cheap data.

“Our strength is the PC business and we offer a whole family of products in that space,” Ng said. (IANS)