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All You Need to Know About Parsi New Year

Navroz was celebrated on 16 August this year

Parsi New Year, which is called Navroz or Nowroz, is celebrated to mark the starting of the Iranian calendar. In Persian, ‘Nav’ represents new, and ‘Roz’ represents the day, which literally means ‘new day’. The tradition is said to have been celebrated for as long as 3,000 years, and is seen by Iranians and the Parsi people around the world over. The most important Navroz festivities take place in Maharashtra and Gujarat in India because of a sizeable Parsi population residing there. Navroz is witnessed in the month of August, as per the Gregorian schedule. It was celebrated on August 16 this year.

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For what reason is Navroz celebrated in India in August?

All You Need to Know About Parsi New Year
Navroz is also called Jamshed-I-Navroz, after the Persian King, Jamshed. Pinterest

Navroz is celebrated in March worldwide. Although, in India, the Shahenshahi calendar is followed. This calendar doesn’t represent leap years, consequently Navroz shows up 200 days later, in August.

Navroz is also called Jamshed-I-Navroz, after the Persian King, Jamshed. The king is credited with having made the Persian schedule, or the Shahenshahi schedule. Legend tells the story of Jamshed saving the world from an end that came as a winter, bound to kill everybody. The king utilized a throne studded with valuable diamonds and rose to the sky on the shoulders of demons where he shone more splendid than the sun, and thus another day was conceived, called Navroz.

On this day, individuals appeal to God for everybody’s success, prosperity and wellbeing as they go through the day cleaning up their homes, minds and hearts of everything pointless. This is a form of spring cleaning that happens a day prior Navroz, and is known as Pateti.

The Parsi community dresses up in their traditional attire, decorate their homes and prepare delicious food including Prawn Patio, Mori Dar, Patra Ni Macchi, Haleem, Akoori, Berry Pulao, Patra ni Machhi and more for Navroz celebrations. Parsis also visit the Fire Temple (Agiary) and offer fruits, sandalwood, milk and flowers on this auspicious day, as per an article on Hindustan Times.


All You Need to Know About Parsi New Year
This year, it may be a hard to meet your loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic,. Pinterest

The fact that this year, attributable to the coronavirus pandemic, it may be a hard to meet your loved ones and given that ideally everybody is escaping their homes only when required, you can in any case spread the delight through these nice Navroz messages, and wishes:

* May you achieve success in everything you do in life, and all your heartfelt wishes come true. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year full of happiness & prosperity. Navroz Mubarak.

* As the New Year starts, let us appeal to God for a time of harmony, satisfaction, and abundance. God bless you all through this new year. Happy Navroz!

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* This new year, I appeal to God for you and your family’s joy and prosperity. May you have an incredible year ahead. Navroz Mubarak!

* A new year brings forth 365 blank pages, remember to write the most beautiful chapter of your lives. Happy Navroz!

* All things bright and beautiful, all things fine and wonderful, all these are wished for you on this day and forever. Navroz Mubarak!



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