All rounder Google Glass: Journey doesn’t end here

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By NewsGram Staff Writer

New York : Google has come up with latest invention of Google Glass with advanced feature of making things easier. No more problems will be faced which were caused by regular specs.

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The patent outlines a system built into a wearable device like Google Glass that uses motors and motion detectors to automatically tighten or loosen the spectacles’ arms depending on what the wearer is doing, Quartz reported.

In Google’s idea, the new spectacles would have an actuator — a little motor for controlling movement — in each arm that could bend the arms in or out as needed, rather like the way a bendy straw works.

When the spectacles detect that their wearer is bobbing up and down at an increased rate– while running, for example– the arms contract to grip the wearer’s head.

The actuators could also help solve the one-size-fits-all approach that many spectacles have to fitting– if the specs are too wide for someone’s face, the actuators could automatically resize them so that they fit snugly.

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