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Kenny Sebastian is one of the most famous stand up comedians of India. Facebook

By Ruchika Verma

  • Kenny Sebastian is one of the most famous Indian stand up comedian
  • He started really young, when he was only in class 11
  • Kenny is one of the most beloved stand up comedian today

Kenneth Sebastian or better known Kenny Sebastian, is one of the most famous and beloved stand up comedians in the country. He is a multi-talented man whose talents also include filmmaking and music. Kenny is one of the most successful as stand-up comedians in India.

Kenny has been doing shows since he was in class 11. Facebook

Kenny Sebastian and his comedy are some of the biggest stress busters you can find on YouTube. His jokes are all too relatable and we can easily connect to him. Kenny Sebastian as a comedian has been ruling YouTube since the day he was discovered.Kenny Sebastian’s comedy shows are loved across the nation. As a comedian, he has one of the biggest fan following.

Here are 10 unknown Kenny Sebastian facts you may not have known before:

  • Kenny is from a defence background. He spent a most of his school years shifting from one city to another. He finally settled in Bangalore with his family once his father retired.
  • Kenny’s parents have been super supportive, and in his own words, he feels super lucky and blessed to have them.

    Kenny joined theater in school to get over his fear of stage. Facebook

  • Kenny started freelancing and making money when he was only in class 11. By the time, he graduated college, he was earning more than a lakh per month because of his famous, Kenny Sebastian comedy shows.
  • According to Kenny Sebastian comedy is not easy. One of the biggest challenges Kenny faced as a comedian is being consistent with quality. He also thinks that keeping your existing audience happy and inviting new ones is also very crucial to comedy.

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  • Kenny Sebastian’s favourite comedians are Jerry Seinfeld & Louis Ck.

    Kenny is also a brilliant musician along with being an amazing comedian. Facebook

  • According to Kenny, being a singer is easier for him than being a comedian because, apparently, he sings loudly to himself every 5 minutes.
  • Kenny never repeat stories because he believes life is too short to keep bringing up the past.
  • Kenny Sebastian is a great comedian and he is also a great fan of mediation. He meditates every morning since last 10 years.

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  • Kenny’s favourite book is ‘7 Habits of Effective People’. He has read it several times.
  • This one may not come as a surprise but Kenny Sebastian’s jokes are what helps him come out of difficult situations.



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