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All You Want to Know about GMAT Exam

The GMAT test evaluate a student’s writing, reading, verbal, analytical and quantitative skills using standard written English

All You Want to Know about GMAT Test
All You Want to Know about GMAT Test.

GMAT is a primary requirement needed by most business schools to admit students into their institutions. Business Schools always want to know whether the students that they are admitting have the necessary skills to do well in the graduate management business program. The students who take the GMAT exam therefore prove to the business schools that they are serious about getting a graduate business degree. Those who succeed on the GMAT exams therefore demonstrate their commitment and readiness to handle the challenges that are faced when studying a graduate business program. A Master in Business Administration for some colleges and universities also requires one to have a good score in the GMAT exam. Unlike other similar tests, GMAT is a computer adaptive test.

The GMAT evaluate a student’s writing, reading, verbal, analytical and quantitative skills using standard written English. The computer adaptive test provides one question at a time to the test taker and the accuracy of the previous answer determines the difficulty level of the next question.

Universities on the top-tier level such as international universities admit students with a 710 score while mid-level universities accept students with a score of 600 into their campuses. The four sections of the examination take a total testing time of three hours and seven minutes.

The examiners provide 30 minutes to complete questions on the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section and another 30 minutes to complete the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section. The IR section tests the ability of a learner to evaluate information provided in numerous formats and from multiple sources. These skills of evaluation are necessary for the technologically evolving and data-driven world. The verbal reasoning section takes the longest time of one hour and five minutes and 62 minutes for the verbal reasoning section.

The GMAT exam measures how to assess an argument in written form and the IR section tests how to evaluate the skills used in analyzing and synthesizing information. A candidate’s skills in data sufficiency and problem-solving are measured when they complete the Quantitative Reasoning section. The IR section is the most significant since it assists those who sit for the exam in business school and the business cooperate as well. In fact, students with the GMAT certificate are likely to be employed and receive better job offers because of the IR skills.

Representational image.
Representational image. Pixabay

Preparation Hints
 A candidate taking the Graduate Management Admission Test is required to consistently
do practice calculations on the quantitative section.
 Short, daily practice sessions are better compared to cram the formulas on the weekend
before one begins their exam. They can also create a learning diary where they will
indicate every GMAT practice question and carry out research on the concepts behind every answer. Before the learner sits for the exam, they will have answered most of the
prep questions.
 The GMAT testing centers provide laminated drawing boards for calculations and they
should therefore practice using the material to avoid difficulties during the test day.
 The GMAT exams are beneficial for a student to practice for the test, but one should not
overestimate the results they obtain during practice since the questions may not be
repeated in the tests.
 A candidate should also adapt to using the computer and he or she should complete the
practice tests in an actual testing center where the environment in which they are taking
the exam is similar to the place that they will sit for their exams.

Training Courses
One of the courses to prepare for the GMAT exams is a Master the Science of Taking Exams and Tests that will allow the candidate to enter the exam room confidently and calmly. The course is not tailored for the GMAT tests and is helpful even in other exam situations.

Udemy is one of the sites where the candidates can prepare on how to behave while sitting for the test. An introduction to the GMAT is another free course provided by Udemy where the learners get the general overview of GMAT and a detailed division of each sections of the test.

How I Got 700 on The GMAT – Strategy Tips and Practice and GRE and GMAT Math – So Easy a Child Could Do It are other courses that would improve a person’s skills before they sit for the GMAT test.

Best Resources
The official GMAT Prep software is one of the best resources need in preparation for GMAT.
The candidate gets an overview of the GMAT test basics, learns about the questions types in each of the sections and comprehends on the structure and format of the test. The software comes with two computer adaptive practice GMAT exams with answers. There are also 30 quantitative free questions, 45 on verbal and 15 on integrated reasoning that come along with their explanations.

The GMAT club is also another resource where banks of questions and their solutions on all the GMAT sections are provided. The questions are answered by many individuals creating a discussion forum for each question hence a learner understands the answer provided in a better manner.

This article provides the detailed information on websites and books to look upon for your best preparation of GMAT Exam.
This article provides the detailed information on websites and books to look upon for your best preparation of GMAT Exam. Pixabay

Best Websites

 is the official GMAT website where the most relevant information about the exam is provided and free practice materials are made available for download. The GMAT Prep software is also made available to interested parties once they create an
account at
 At a candidate can attend a live GMAT test class online or in person.
There are also GMAT interact lessons and the first five lessons are free. The website also
provides the GMAT practice tests, the GMAT navigator, and the GMAT mobile
application. One can also know the time when the free GMAT prep hour takes place
beside contributing and learning from the GMAT blog and forum.

Best Books
 The Official Guide for GMAT Review contains more than 900 questions from previous
tests, a website with IR questions, and a diagnostic part that determines for a student
where to focus as they prepare for the tests. There is also a scoring guide to help them
prepare for the type of questions that they will find in the exams.
 Through the Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Set, Manhattan GMAT offers ten
guides where each one of them meets the standards set by the GMAT official guide. The
book comes with a set of six computer adaptive exams for practice and another 200
practice questions for the test taker to adequately prepare for the exam.

Bottom Line
The Free GMAT Practice Test Questions is one of the difficult exams that I have come across. The students who get high scores in this test prepare adequately using the best and most recent materials. More time is needed to answer the questions, especially on the quantitative section.

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How does Negative Marking Work in PTE Academic Test?

Now is the time to stop worrying about negative marking in PTE, and make your preparation perfect.

PTE Tutorials have been able to impart education to hundreds of PTE aspirants and have made their dream of going abroad true.

If you are taking the PTE Academic Exam anytime soon, one of the many questions that you may have faced in the course of your PTE Preparation is “Does PTE have negative marking?” and “How does that negative marking impact your score?” There is some confusion about the concept, and through this blog post, we will address the issue. Before we get into talking about negative marking, we will first discuss the idea of partial credit.

In every enabling skill, the test-taker is awarded some marks in every skill, even if there are mistakes. For instance, in oral fluency, if the test-taker demonstrates even a little bit of skill, he/she will be awarded some points. This marking system is called partial credit.

The main thing you need to keep in mind while preparing for such competitive exams is that you need to be accurate. Flickr

Now, on to negative marking. To be sure, there are three tasks in PTE that use partial credit to deduct -1 point for every answer that is not correct. The three tasks are:

  •    Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers (Reading module)
  •    Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers (Listening module)
  •    Highlight Incorrect Words (listening module)

How does the scoring work?

The scoring works like this:

Correct answer        1 point

Incorrect answer    -1 point

Let’s talk about this task by task:

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers

Let’s suppose that a question has four choices (say A, B, C and D), and the correct options are C and D.

If you select C & D, you score 2 points. If only C is selected, you score 1 point. Please note that you don’t lose 1 point for not picking D as well. Same goes for the test-takers who choose D as the correct option. They score 1 point.

This marking system is called partial credit. Pixabay

For further clarity, if you select B, C and D, you get 2 points for choosing the correct option (C&D) and lose 1 point for picking the wrong choice (B).

Therefore, your final score from the task is 2-1=1.

Following the same line of logic, if you select all the options (A, B, C and D), you score 2 points for choosing the correct choice (C&D) and lose 2 for selecting two incorrect options (A&B). Your final score is 0.

(Please note the minimum score that you will receive is 0 & NOT -1).

Highlight Incorrect Words

In this section too, the concept of ‘partial credit’ is used. It is not possible to get a negative mark, and the minimum you can score is 0.

In every enabling skill, the test-taker is awarded some marks in every skill. Pixabay

We hope that through this blog post, we have removed any clouds of doubts that you may have had over negative scoring, have been removed. Now is the time to stop worrying about negative marking in PTE, and make your preparation perfect.

If you are into PTE self-preparation, you can download the PTE Tutorials mobile application (available on Android and iOS). Alternatively, you can also go for Online PTE Coaching, to strengthen your preparation, and get your doubts resolved before you take the test!

Best of luck!

About the Author:

With almost a decade of experience in the Education and Immigration Department, Mr Milan Patel have raised Aussizz Group on to a high peak of success. With his expert guidance and knowledge, PTE Tutorials have been able to impart education to hundreds of PTE aspirants and have made their dream of going abroad true.