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HC orders demolition of Supertech, Amrapali, Jagat Taran projects


New Delhi: The Allahabad High Court ordered the demolition of high rise building projects in the Patwari village of Greater Noida area within two months from now, according to TV reports. Itahara and Tugalpur are another two villages affected by the order.

Amrapali, Jagat Taran and Supertech projects were among the builders who built the property on illegal land, the court observed.

According to TV reports, the building projects were built on cremation area (Shmashaan ghat) and were deemed illegal by the High Court. These areas are community areas and shouldn’t have commercial properties.

Vijay Trivedi, chief of Noida Extension Flat Owners Association, expressed shock and said it was a lot for him to process at the moment. He further cited concerns of the common people who have invested in the property and bought it after paying big amount.

Trivedi stated that people were paying loans and its EMIs for five years now and questioned what were the authorities doing till now. The association chief, speaking to a TV channel, said that the owners were kept in dark about the legality and builders or authorities were at fault.

Earlier, Supertech was accused of violating environmental norms due to one of its projects situated next to the Okhla Bird santcuary in Noida.

In July, Supertech was asked to refund money to flat owners, by the Supreme Court, who had booked apartments in its two 40-storeyed buildings in Emerald Court project in Noida.

Allahabad High Court, in another ruling earlier this April, had also ordered the demolition of the two Supertech towers over flouting of building norms and the refund of money to apartment buyers. However, the Supreme Court had later stayed the demolition but ashe’d Supertech nof to sell or transfer the flats.

  • Vikas

    Wow. Is it easy to get all the documents from authority to see if the project is all clean or not? In every country in this world, this is responsibility of authorities to keep check on builder to not to do illigal development. But in India, you are ram bharoshe.. Wah mere bhai.. Authorities are eating money from builder will they let you know about the land status and all? Now every buyer should hire an attorny to buy a house. poor middle class in India..

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Aarushi Talwar Murder Mystery : Vishal Bhardwaj Calls the Verdict a ‘Victory of Cinema’

Vishal Bhardwaj had written and co-produced the Konkona Sharma starer "Talvar" on the murder of the teenage girl from Noida

Vishal Bhardwaj
Film Director Vishal Bhardwaj. Wikimedia

Mumbai, October 13, 2017 : Vishal Bhardwaj says because of “Talvar”, which he wrote and co-produced, the Aarushi Talwar murder case and its various investigation theories came to limelight once again. On the acquittal of the teenage girl’s parents in the case, the filmmaker says it’s a victory of cinema.

The Allahabad High Court on Thursday acquitted Rajesh and Nupur Talwar.

 “I think there is no better victory of cinema than this as it has made impact like this and that exactly what we wanted. It is amazing news and we are so happy for the family, and especially the parents, but the saddest part is that we can’t bring back their nine years in which they struggled to get justice. It’s also a big victory of the Indian judicial system,” Vishal Bhardwaj said.
Asked if the film generated any kind of awareness among the audience, Bhardwaj said: “I think because of our film, their case came to limelight at least for some period of time because earlier things which were under surface came into public eye with our film. In the investigation, there were many aspects which were doubtful and in our film, we took neutral stance and we didn’t take anyone’s side.

“We showed what happened in investigation and what proceedings were carried out by both investigating agencies that was Delhi Police and CBI in the film. So in the outcome, it made things pretty clear”

Vishal Bhardwaj was present for the opening ceremony of the Jio MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival here along with actress Konkona Sen Sharma, who acted in the 2015 movie directed by Meghna Gulzar.

Konkona said: “Its fantastic news. It’s really a shame that it took us nine years for their innocence that has been proven. Its tragedy is also that we still don’t know who the killers of Hemraj (house help) and Aarushi are but I am very happy for Talwars.”

Actor Sohum Shah, who also featured in the movie, said in a statement: “Before commencing the shoot, I was very confused and curious about this case. I wanted to know the truth but I didn’t want to create an opinion sitting at home. We tend to make an opinion by seeing the TV or believe loose talk. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to know the truth.

“I am very happy because somewhere or the other they are saved from injustice. I hope that the crimals are caught as soon as possible and the law gives them a harsh punishment.” (IANS)