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Amazon to e-tail Himachali Wares Locally, Globally: Report

The agreements also include training and educating weavers and artisans and workshops on the benefits of utilising e-commerce

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The logo of Amazon, online retailer is seen at the company logistics center in Lauwin-Planque, France. VOA

E-commerce behemoth Amazon and the Himachal Pradesh on Thursday inked multiple agreements to e-tail the state’s wares locally and globally.

Following the deals, Himachali caps, shawls, footwear, jewellery, woodcraft, leather, stitched handkerchieves and other items will vie for customers on the e-commerce platform.

“We see a catalyst role for us in three key areas — jobs, the micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) empowerment and exports. Four agreements signed with the Himachal Pradesh government will help us play a significant role,” said the Amazon India country manager and senior vice-president.

Amazon’s agreements with the Himachal Pradesh State Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation and the Himachal Pradesh State Handlooms and Handicrafts Development Cooperative Federation will enable the state’s handloom sellers and artisans to e-tail their wares on

Amazon, New york
A delivery person pushes a cart full of Amazon boxes in New York City, U.S., Feb. 14, 2019. VOA

The company’s third agreement with the Himachal Pradesh Department of Industries will launch workshops aimed at MSME exporters to catapult their products through the e-commerce route to millions of buyers, in more than 90 countries via Amazon’s global selling programme.

In the fourth agreement with the Department of Horticulture, Amazon will boost community-based organisations, like farmer producer organisations, cluster-level federations and primary agriculture cooperative societies, to reap the benefits of e-commerce.

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Enthused by the response to the company’s ‘I have space program’me, Amazon said it would enlarge the scheme from 50 to 200 stores by 2024 in Himachal Pradesh.

The agreements also include training and educating weavers and artisans and workshops on the benefits of utilising e-commerce. (IANS)

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“It knows how to handle conflicts, manage security and so on and so forth. It has got Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is AI-trained so we call the routing of your questions to be relevant, and call it a skill now. Instead of bot, it’s a skill,” Uliyar told IANS during an interaction.

According to him, there are a couple of differences compared to Alexa as it works on the same model.

“Alexa is very implicit, where you have to say — Alexa, ask this skill to do something. While Oracle Digital Assistant is both explicit and implicit and you don’t need to sort of say ‘go ask the HCM (Human Capital Management) bot,’ for instance. It’ll just figure out that the question is for HCM bot and will answer accordingly,” Uliyar elaborated.

The other thing is to use the word ‘assistant’ and, according to him, we are overloading the term ‘assistant’ because if you have an ‘assistant’, she or he is smart enough to understand who you are, what your preferences are, know how you work.

“Most of the chatbots respond to a simple question and answer. Next time, it will probably remember who you are. So, the whole context is memory, and also the process side of things,” the Oracle executive added.

Oracle Digital Assistant provides the platform and tools to easily build AI-powered assistants that connect to your backend applications.

The digital assistant uses AI for natural language processing and understanding, to automate engagements with conversational interfaces that respond instantly, improve user satisfaction, and increase business efficiencies.

Most of those voice-enabled application programming interfaces (APIs) are being trained using what’s called Open Common Domain Models, which means that it understands our normal speaking style and content.

“What if an enterprise has a specific vocabulary? For example, a very common thing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is what’s EBITDA for a company. You try saying EBITDA to Alexa or any other such assistant in the market today, and you’ll most likely draw a blank,” Uliyar told IANS.

Oracle AI
Oracle digital assistant uses AI for natural language processing and understanding. Pixabay

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) is a measure of a company’s operating performance.

According to him, to serve customers with delightful experiences every single time, there has to be a lot of innovation happening — whether it’s mobile, chatbots, Blockchain, AI or AR/VR.

“With all these new realities, what enterprises really need is a platform that can pull that ‘holistic experience’ altogether. That’s sort of the topmost challenge that enterprise customers want to solve,” he noted.

Oracle Digital Assistant is very sophisticated. It has got deep learning and is based on a technology called Sequence-to-Sequence vectoring and creates what we call as logical forms of the statement.

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“We call it a deep semantic parsing. It’s the underlying technology and is very different given the advancements of deep learning. We can do a much better job instead of understanding the linguistic constructs, versus in the past. This is quite a bit of advancement. We’re definitely very excited about pushing the boundaries,” said Uliyar. (IANS)