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Klaytn or KLAY has had a more uncertain crypto journey through the market when compared to AMP

AMP, Klaytn (KLAY) and HUH Token are all at different stages of their existence. AMP and Klaytn, whilst both on the market, are having varied experiences at the moment. HUH Token on the other hand, is in presale and will be available for purchase on Pancakeswap and UniSwap soon. As this is one of the last opportunities to become involved in the presale, its potential should be discussed alongside AMP and Klaytn's current performance.

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AMP is a collateral token that is used because it provides instant and verifiable assurances for most variations of value transfers. Networks such as Flexa use AMP so that they can provide quick and secure transactions in a significant amount of use cases.

AMP has been benefitting greatly from the influx of cryptocurrency acceptance and trading this year. AMP had an all-time low price of $0.0007946 on November 17th 2020, and its greatest market price was $0.1211 on June 16th 2021. Using $1000 and perfectly timing the market at these prices would have resulted in your AMP being worth just over $150,000. These results demonstrate how lucrative the cryptocurrency market can be, and AMP is one example. Many cryptos have exceeded these profits and some in even less time.

Klaytn or KLAY has had a more uncertain crypto journey through the market when compared to AMP. Klaytn's lowest value occurred on May 6th 2020, and it was worth $0.0573. Therefore, $1000 would have purchased over 17,000 KLAY. Selling for Klaytn's largest market price of $4.38 would result in the KLAY contained in that portfolio being worth approximately $76,000. This would have involved a relatively long hold time, but the wait would be worth it for profits of this size. It is important to remember that these returns in such a relatively short time frame are impressive when compared to stocks and shares, even if AMP outperformed Klaytn.

HUH Token is reaching the end of its presale. They are incentivising potential buyers to join the presale and become holders. Joining the presale will grant you 25% more tokens than if you wait until it is released publicly. As HUH Token is in presale, data cannot be used to determine the returns of a $1000. However, predictions can be made.

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Given that some of the features in HUH Token are attractive for a token, the potential for is exceptionally high. For example, they offer a dual currency distribution referral system that can generate BNB for each person a holder gets to use their unique referral code. In addition to this, every buy and sale that happens using HUH Token has a small fee attached. This fee is then reallocated so that all holders get additional HUH Tokens.

HUH Token HUH Token

Referring 500 people who all purchase $100 worth of HUH Token would net you $5000 in BNB. Furthermore, this amount can be scaled depending on the amount the referred holders buy or the number of people changes. Between the unique referral system and the passive generation of HUH Token, it is entirely feasible for HUH Token to produce upwards of $500,000 for those who purchase early and hold onto the cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency world has and will continue to produce millionaires and vast wealth for those who can identify the correct projects to follow. AMP and Klaytn have shown their heights on the crypto market, and most currencies will experience a significant spike in price at some point. Currently, AMP appears as though it could make more from the $1000. However, just as with everything in the crypto market, everything can change in an instant.

HUH Token aims to grow in value over time and become a heavily traded cryptocurrency. With the features it offers, many will have to consider purchasing the token. The future for HUH Token holders is looking positive. Buying during the presale will give many the opportunity to maximise their returns.

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