Healthy Benefits Of Amla And Curry Leaves For Your Hair

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Give your hair the love of trusted and traditional superfoods like amla and curry leaves known to infuse vitality into your crown. These powerful ingredients allow you to care for your hair without stress. Amla helps in reducing hair fall by enhancing blood circulation in the scalp and strengthening hair fiber, follicles, and shaft, whereas curry leaves reduce hair thinning and accelerate hair growth. These two superfoods powerfully nourish and repair, while improving the overall hair quality.

Nykaa Natural's latest launch, Nykaa Amla & Curry Leaves Hair Care Range is a supercharged duo of Amla and Curry Leaves in a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask format, to especially address hair fall concerns. This is the latest addition, to the brand's hair portfolio now offering three ranges to tackle major hair concerns -- Onion and Fenugreek to promote hair growth and Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginger, as an anti-dandruff solution.

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Addressing a solution to one of the most common concerns, hair fall, it has launched the perfect solution, that combines international formulations with the science of 'natural ingredients', curated for all hair types. Be it the stress of working from home or the summer heat, your body takes a hit and so does your hair.

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A disciplined hair care routine is extremely crucial especially since our hair is exposed to pollution, stress, styling products, or heat on most days. The haircare range helps build a hair routine with the shampoo to cleanse the scalp and the locks, conditioner to be used along the lengths, and the mask which can be used once a week from root to tips to deeply condition deep your mane.

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Reena Chhabra, CEO, Nykaa Brands, "Over the last year, consumers have indulged a lot more in personal and hair care regimes rooted in 'self-care and wellness. There has been a clear shift towards products that focus on natural ingredients and are safe, gentle, yet effective when used. This encouraged us to add another offering to our existing hair range -- Amla and Curry Leaves, that targets the most common hair concern of hair fall.

We create rigorously researched, nature-friendly formulas that meet international standards and are free of harmful chemicals. The Nykaa Naturals Hair Care range features ingredient-led solutions, to tackle specific hair concerns while ensuring a healthy mane from root to the ends." (IANS/SP)