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An I.I.T. student asks: is it really justified to hike fee at I.I.T. ?

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By Arpit Gupta

Being the student of Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) is a dream for most of the Indian youths who pursue education in science stream. Only a few thousands get selected and others have to accept the harsh reality of failure. After qualifying the JEE ADVANCED and getting accepted to an IIT, guardians think that their son/daughter will now be able to study on a nominal fee as he/she is in the most prestigious institute of India. The recent decision of fee hike at IITs has left those guardians disappointed. The question trending at the surface of the social media and in people’s mind is “whether this amount of fee is justifiable”?

I am a student of IIT and I know that we get the best possible facilities for everything we need. We are given every type of opportunity and exposure which is required to develop the skills for being a “near to perfect” engineering graduate. Every section of society has its representatives in IITs which helps in recognition of different cultures among the students. If we analyse the situation practically, we can easily say under these circumstances that the fee is totally justifiable. The recent fee hike of 122% i. e.  from Rs. 90,000 per annum to 2 lacs per annum is a good decision from the perspective of an expert. But then we forget that all(or most) of the students in IITs are from middle class and lower class. There has been a full fee waiver for students with parental income less than 1 lac per annum but the students with parental income between 1 to 5lacs will have to pay rs.67000 which is going to be a harsh situation for them.

When the analysis of an IITian’s life is done, the results are probably a bit surprising for the people outside the IIT campus. People think, it’s a well settled life with no any problem at all. For instance, I have a friend whose father is a salesman. His income is Rs.10,000 per month. He sold his farm/field and sent my friend to coaching so that he can get a secure and bright career. Now, if such a guy is to pay the fee of 67,000(one-third of the actual fee), Is it possible? Obviously, the loan from bank is possible but it’s not comfortable for everyone to get loans.

Probably, the fee hike will not affect the name and fame of IIT. IIT will continue to be considered to be equal to “Harvard+Stanford+MIT” but it is going to affect the proportion of middle class students in IIT. A senior professor from IIT during an informal interaction,  accepted the fact that the government has done wrong to the country only. If a guy enters in the IIT by taking loan, his whole sole motto will be to earn money because he would have already experienced the crisis of money. The guy will look for a good placement and will join foreign MNCs. This is going to harm India only. The economists and experts of HRD ministry have probably not thought about this aspect of the decision taken by them.

IIT is a place to explore skills and develop the personality. It’s the dream of a typical Indian youth who studies science. I know, the fee which is being taken, is again not the actual expenditure on the IITians. It’s much less but considering people’s emotions and the level of IIT in the world, government must rethink this decision in regards to the welfare of India and Indian people.

Arpit is an undergraduate student pursuing Mechanical Engineering at IIT-Roorkee. His twitter handle is: @Arpit2476667


  1. Infrastructure of all IITs are not same. considering this perspective charges ought to be proportionate generally Govt will trick understudies

  2. Please don’t fool yourself. IITs are not in any way equal to Harvard, Stanford or MIT, if you consider the discoveries made at these institutions. With this fee hike, IITs seem to be turning into self-financing undergraduate engineering colleges for the rich.

  3. Seriously ? MIT+HArvard+Stanford ??? R u kidding me ?
    With all due respect Mr IITIAN, i humbly disagree. It is true that people studying in IITs are much more capable of but IITs stand nowhere if it comes to world class resources and facilities which are provided in Stanford+Harvard+MIT


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"Recently JNU was given best university award. This was not given for making the Vice Chancellor hostage but for the good works done by the university. These good works don't come into the limelight"


New Delhi, March 28, 2017: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) got the best university award for its good work and not for the controversy last year during which the Vice Chancellor was taken hostage’. Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar remarked this statement while discussing a bill in Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

“Recently JNU was given best university award. This was not given for making the Vice Chancellor hostage but for the good works done by the university. These good works don’t come into the limelight,” Javadekar said in the Lok Sabha while concluding the debate on the National Institutes of Technology, Science Education and Research (Second Amendment) Bill, 2016.

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Javadekar’s comments came after Congress pioneer Mallikarjun Kharge questioned the Minister’s reference of vacancies in JNU.

Pointing out to the vacancies of professors in JNU, Javadekar said: “There are over 100 vacancies for SCs/STs in JNU while around 25 posts of disabled professors are vacant since long ago.”

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Karge objected to it by stating that it’s not only in the JNU, but in many central universities, teaching posts are lying vacant for many years. It’s the duty of the minister to respond to such obligations.

“I know why you are raking up JNU only,” Kharge said.

Last year in October, Students of JNU had staged protests outside the administrative Block, forcing the Vice-Chancellor M. Jagadesh Kumar and Rectors to remain confined inside the building, over the disappearance of student Najeeb Ahmed.

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Earlier, three of its students were arrested on sedition charges in connection with an event on the campus during which anti-national slogans were allegedly raised.

Responding to members’ queries, Javadekar said that vacancies in universities are a serious issue and there are many reasons for it.

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“There are vacancies in central universities, state universities and also in private universities. We are trying to constitute a dynamic platform where all vacancies will be exhibited on our website,” he said.

The Minister said that for filling up the vacancies the government needs to create an atmosphere where students prefer to be teachers and professors.

”We need to create interest among students so they could prefer this profession,” he said.

Javadekar said that whenever he visited any university, he always asked students: “Who wants to be a teacher? Who wants to be a professor?”

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“Recently I visited an IIT where I asked the same question to students. I was very happy when majority of students said they want to join the teaching line,” he said.

He also expressed concern over the cases of suicides on campuses.

“Even a single case of suicide in campuses is unfortunate,” the minister said.

-prepared by Ashish Srivastava of NewsGram Twitter @PhulRetard



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  • The announcement was made following a stakeholder’s meeting with the Interparty Advisory Committee in Accra
  • The Supreme Court of Ghana ordered the Electoral commission to delete the names of the registered voters who used their National Health Insurance Scheme card as an identification for registering

GHANA, Sept 14, 2016: The Electoral Commission of Ghana has sharply denied accusations that its newly released nomination fees for candidates are exorbitant and intended to frustrate smaller political parties.

Ghanaian electoral laws allow the commission to determine nomination fees for presidential and parliamentary candidates ahead of polls. Presidential candidates will be required to pay $12,505 and parliamentary candidates will pay $2,501 for the December 7 elections, the commission said.

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Spokesman Eric Dzakpasu said the commission made the announcement following a stakeholders meeting Thursday with the Interparty Advisory Committee in Accra.

“This is a decision taken by the commission at the very highest level, and I would say that it is not ‘elimination by rough tactics,’ as they put it. These are fees which have been informed by a lot of considerations. The law also makes a room that these are not fees that can be kept by the commission at all because they are refundable fees” for candidates who reach a specified level of support, Dzakpasu said.

“If you are a presidential candidate, by regulation, if at the end of the election you are able to get 29 percent of the votes cast in the election, your money is refunded to you,” he said. “If you are a parliamentary candidate if you are able to get 12.5 percent of the votes in your constituency, your money is refunded to you.”

Current Composition of the Parliament of Ghana. Source: VOA
Current Composition of the Parliament of Ghana. Source: VOA

Nomination papers

The commission also set September 29 and 30 as the dates for the candidates to officially present their nomination papers, which will allow them to qualify for ballot placement. Presidential candidates will need two signatures from each of the country’s more than 250 administrative districts, while the parliamentary candidates are required to have 20 signatories from their respective constituencies.

Meanwhile, an exhibition of the list of those who used the National Health Insurance Scheme card as identification during voter registration ends Saturday.

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Supreme Court judges recently ruled that the electoral commission should delete from the register names of those who used the NHIS cards. The commission then deleted the names and re-registered about 29,000 people.

Those who have been re-registered are required to check their information as captured during the process. This, the electoral commission said, forms part of its efforts to compile a credible voter list to be used for the December elections. (VOA)

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Celebrating Teachers Day: Cheers to Teachers who add meaning to our Lives!

In Hinduism, Guru Purnima marks the significance of the contribution of a teacher in one's life

A child holds a poster of Teacher's Day. Image source: Flickr
“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”
                                                                  – Aristotle 

Sept 05, 2016: Best friend, companion, mentor, philosopher and guide- all these terms are synonymous for a ‘Teacher’. For every student, Teachers Day, that is celebrated on September 5, every year- is more like an occasion to pay tribute and gratitude to their teachers for their continuous selfless effort towards the children and students- in teaching them the art of living, the significance of life.

September 5 also marks the birthday of late former President of India Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was a great scholar and marvelous teacher. Students all across the country observe this day, to pay respect to their teachers. They are only one who build up the personality of students and shape them to become ideal beings.

Each and every student is in need of inspiration and motivation to succeed in their life and a teacher nurtures them with knowledge and teaches them to develop a perspective of every situation they deal with. They play a key role towards the education of a student’s life. They become a person with proper vision, knowledge, and experience. The profession of teaching brings with it a mammoth responsibility in comparison to other jobs. Young minds are impressionable minds and therefore it is extremely important to take care of every child in a special manner. Development and growth of a child’s intellect indirectly affect the future of a nation.

It is essential for teachers to challenge the stereotype methods of teaching of their age and develop new techniques so that learning becomes fun rather than a burden. Receiving quality education is essential and therefore one should shift focus from the quantitative education. An ideal teacher becomes courteous most of the time without being impartial and not being affected by insult. Teachers are like second parents to children or students in schools, colleges, and universities.

Since the ancient age, teaching has had a great impact on the humans, whether it is Gautama Buddha, Mahavira or the Brahmins. This is the reason, a Teacher has always been given the highest place of all. In Hinduism, Guru Purnima marks the significance of the contribution of a teacher in one’s life. The Buddha did not teach that a God created the universe but rather he pointed to a great law or ‘dharma’ running through everything that exists. It is by living in accordance with the law, that true wisdom, compassion, and freedom from suffering can be achieved.

Buddha can be seen as great teacher and motivator by his Noble Eight-fold Path which are-
 Right View | Right Thought |  Right Speech |  Right Action | Right Livelihood | Right Effort |  Right Mindfulness | Right Concentration

It is true that we owe more to our teachers than to our parents. Love can never be measured on a scale but this cannot be denied that a teacher shapes the backbone of the society and they helps one to stride forward, build our character as well as prepare us to face life.

– by Shayari Dutta of NewsGram