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An Incidence of Hate Crime in US: 2 Indian Engineers Shot by Navy Veteran

On Sunday, in Kansas city, a peace march and prayer vigil was held for the victim Srinivas who had died from the shooting

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America, 1 March, 2017: Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed, Alok Madasani was injured, along with a third American man Ian Gillot who was also injured at Austin’s Pub and Grill (crime scene) in Kansas City suburb in last week by a navy veteran Adam Purinton in the triple shooting. Purinton had mistook the Indians as immigrants from Middle-East and had slurred at them, and called them “terrorist”. The 24-year-old American man got injured when he tried to intervene. Shooter is a 51-year-old man, from Olathe, who has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder according to Hindustan Times. The 2 Indian men were 32 years olds who had come to US for studying and were engineers at GPS maker- Garmin. The shooter after shooting had driven off to Clinton, Missouri, where he confessed to a bartender in the Applebee’s restaurant. The bartender had then called 911. The incidence happened on Wednesday

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This incidence of hate crime has inculcated fear in the minds of the American-Indian community. The minority community of American Indians are also fearful of Trump’s recent plan to ban travelers from specific countries which has strengthened the fear of being ostracized.

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On Sunday, in Kansas city, a peace march and prayer vigil was held for the victim Srinivas who had died from the shooting. Hundreds of people joined in solidarity against hate crime.

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Ethnic Indian Jai Sears responds to complaint against the statue of Gandhi in Grenada

Jai Sears wrote in response to a letter on Mahatma Gandhi entitled “Dustbin of history” written by Josiah Rougier

Mahatama Gandhi, leader of non violence

Jai Sears from Grenada, Caribbean has written a letter to editor in response to complaints against the statue of Gandhi in Grenada. Here is the text:

I write in response to a letter on Mahatma Gandhi entitled “Dustbin of history” written by Josiah Rougier and published in the Grenada newspaper, The New Today (Nov 3, 2017). In his letter, Rougier is asking the Government to remove the bust-statue of Gandhi which overlooks Sauteurs Bay in Grenada where East Indians arrived 160 years ago. Rougier’s opinion is based on the false notion that Gandhi was racist because the Mahatma reportedly considered Indians to be superior to black Africans when he referred to the latter as “kaffirs.”

Gandhi was only 27 years old when he made that contextual statement. If Rougier had done his research, he would have found that Nelson Mandela said: “Gandhi must be forgiven for these prejudices in the context of the time and the circumstances.” The quote can be found in “Gandhi the Prisoner” by Nelson Mandela published in 1995. Gandhi was a man; he was not god. And even god made mistakes.

In favour of Mahatama Gandhi
Photo of Jai Sears

Rougier must instead focus on the Gandhi’s vision of non-violent protest and his belief in satyagraha which inspired rebels and revolutionaries around the world. Gandhi’s ideas influenced leaders of the African National Congress and the struggle by Indians and blacks against white apartheid rule in South Africa. From as early as 1956 when he was 27 years old, Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to Gandhi as “the guiding light of our technique of nonviolent social change.”

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Following the success of his boycott, King contemplated traveling to India to deepen his understanding of Gandhian principles. The fact is that Gandhi saw people of all races, castes, colours and creeds as equal which led to his assassination by a Hindu fanatic in 1948. So who is this unknown Josiah Rougier? Is he as illustrious as the great Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King? And is he disagreeing with his possible heroes?

A friend to all.
Jai Sears
Grenada, Caribbean