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Source: Pixaby

New Delhi, September 24, 2017: For girls who are in a relationship, your boyfriend might be adorable but there are things that you will ask him to let go or you get irritated about sooner or less.

No doubt, when it comes to a relationship, people feel dreamy and loved. We all want to be with a person who shares a common interest.

However, at some certain time relationship can be quite tricky and annoying as well. If things don’t go well, you will certainly get off the track.

Reasons may vary, starting from your boyfriend comparing your dressing style with other girls to making you wait for an hour and giving you lame excuses.

Here’s a list of 11 annoying things that your boyfriend do, and it needs to stop

  1. Checking out other girls when you are around. Well Boys! You obviously need to stop that.

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2. Replying to message very late, and also with just 1 lame word ‘Okay’. Who does that?

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3. Talking about food habits. “Obviously I would prefer a burger over a green salad.”

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4. Pretending to listen when he is even not aware of what you are saying.

Source: Pixaby

5. Not sharing with you about the sudden plan.

Source: Pixaby

6. Not willing to hold hands in public. I guess we got that RIGHT, right?

Source: Pixaby

7. Not able to perform even the simplest domestic task, like ‘washing the dishes’.

Source: Pixaby

8. Quicky finishing his food and grabbing some from your plate. That’s my favourite food!

Source: Pixaby

9. Messing up the stuff in the home. Socks on the bed, and jeans on the chair.

Source: Pixaby

10. Burping over and over, when you even warned him over that. Ewww!

Source: Wikimedia Common

11. Being so lovable boyfriend that the above-mentioned points can be neglected.

Source: Pixaby

Be it irritating or sometimes even troublesome, annoying boyfriends are adorable when you put your heart for him and he does the same for you.

– Prepared by Abhishek Biswas of NewsGram Twitter: @Writing_desire



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