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Anti-India Speech by Syed Shah Geelani keeps Kashmir Boiling, calls Pakistan a Friend of Kashmir

Condition in Kashmir worsens after Geelani denies any dialogue with the all-party delegation and calls Pakistan a friend of Kashmir

– by Ayushi Gaur

Sept 13, 2016: Kashmir narrative is something that has created unrest among people in the whole nation. After the killing of more than 80 people and injuring hundreds, the state of Kashmir is in complete chaos. The fact that an all-party delegation went up to the Hurriyat members, signifies the importance of a dialogue that the government wants to initiate with all the troubled sections of Kashmir.

But as a crisp insult to the leaders, the Hurriyat leader, Syed Shah Geelani refused to open the doors for them also denying any conversation with the government officials. Apart from that Geelani also gave a speech on how Pakistan was their friend and India just an occupying force on them. The speech was thoroughly anti-India and was also alarming, reported a news portal.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Flickr
Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Flickr

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“They (New Delhi) will come again to ask what we want. They know the answer to that question. We want freedom,” the octogenarian said. Thanking Pakistan for its support, the Hurriyat leader said, “During this uprising, Pakistan has once again proved that they are our friends and well-wishers. Pakistan and its people shared our pain and raised their voice in our support. They have taken an ethical stand to support our struggle morally, politically and diplomatically.”

He also thanked China, Norway, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Iran and the Organization of Islamic Countries for expressing concern over the “brutal repression by India” in Kashmir. Hurriyat hawk Geelani also claimed that the current agitation has “unnerved the occupier and its local stooges so much that they have resorted to vilest means to suppress the struggle”.

“The frustration of our occupier is understandable because between us and our freedom stand half a million Indian guns only. Never before have we been so close to freedom with such clarity as we are now,” he claimed, reported Deccan Herald. His speech raises a lot of questions on what the government is doing about such anti-national elements.

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It is high time that the BJP-PDP alliance makes Kashmir its priority and analyze the errors in handling the situation. From the question of AFSPA to the ban on pellet guns the ruling alliance needs to ponder over everything. In the name of freedom  for  Kashmir , the sovereignty of our country is threatened by these separatists.

Being a democratic nation India has lent a chance to all for raising their voices on any matter but only time will tell whether peace in can be restored in the country, particularly in Kashmir.



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