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Anurag Kashyap chooses MAMI Fest over Busan festival | “Mukkabaz” opening film at Mami Fest

Anurag Kashyap

Mumbai, Sep 14 : Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap missed the Asian premiere of his new film “Mukkabaaz” as it is going to be the opening film at the 19th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star. But he says it’s a choice he made and he is proud of it.

“Well, it is a moment of pride for me. I was very happy because my films have never played at MAMI,” Anurag said at a press meet here on Thursday.

“To premiere at MAMI, I had to let go the Asian premiere at Busan (an international film festival in South Korea, one of the most significant in Asia). It’s a choice I made.”

Anurag was present here with MAMI Festival Director Anupama Chopra, Chairperson Kiran Rao, Creative Director Smriti Kiran among others.

“Mukkabaaz” will narrate the story of a boxer from Uttar Pradesh who falls in love with a Brahmin girl.

Mukkabaz Official Teaser:

Kiran Rao said that the festival this year will showcase over 220 films from 49 countries in 51 languages.

While in the competition section India Gold, movies like “Ashwatthama”, “Juze”, “Machines”, “Ralang Road”, “Sexy Durga”, “Village Rockstars” among others will be screened, in the International Competition section films like “Apostasy”, “Bad Lucky Goat”, “I am not a Witch”, “More (Daha)”, “Most Beautiful Island”, “Quest”, “Oh Lucy!” among others will be shown.

This year the festival is conducting various workshops on film reviewing, children’s films, writers and distributors conversations among various activities throughout the year.

One of the notable changes this year would be the ‘Movie Mela’ — an event on discussing films, film reunion on some of the iconic movies — which will take place on October 7 before the main festival starts from October 12 to October 18.

With a small audio visual presentation, the festival organisers unveiled the international film personalities like John Madden of Oscar winning film “Shakespeare in Love”, cinematographer Alexis Zabe, Argentine film director Santiago Mitre and actress-filmmaker Konkona Sen Sharma, among others.

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Mukkabaaz Movie Review: The dark side of boxing

Mukkabazz is one of the best movies which could have started our 2018. It is one movie which you shouldn't miss.

Mukkabaaz is a breath of fresh realizm in the world of unrealistic Bollywood movies. Wikimedia Commons
Mukkabaaz is a breath of fresh realism in the world of unrealistic Bollywood movies. Wikimedia Commons

Anurag Kashyap is back with another one of his shake-your-core kind of movie. Mukkabaaz featuring Vineet Kumar Singh, Jimmy Shergill and Zoya Hussain can be one of the best movies of 2018 already.

Mukkabaaz is like a fresh air of realism in the world of glitzy and glamorous, and unrealistic Bollywood movies. The movie portrays aptly the dirty game of politics mixed with the sports of boxing.

Like all other movies based on sports, Mukkabaaz is also all about struggle, determination, failure and success. The only difference is the way politics is depicted in all its dirty glory.

The hero of the film played by Vineet Kumar Singh is an untrained boxer but still calls himself Mike Tysen of Uttar Pradesh. He is passionate, and idealistic which instantly makes him a victim of the corrupted political system. He is the angry young man who is aimless but has got a spine of steel which no one can bend. He is determined with his dream of winning the National level match and he will do anything for that.

Vineet Kumar Singh, the hero of the movie 'Mukkabaaz'. Wikimeadia Commons
Vineet Kumar Singh, the hero of the movie ‘Mukkabaaz’. Wikimedia Commons

Just like all Bollywood movies, the hero is supposed to have a heroine. In this movies, the heroine is a mute girl who likes to silently watch the hero practising. Both fell in love but the twist arrives when the hero realizes that his lover is actually the niece of a gangster/politician, played by Jimmy Shergill, who is against the struggling boxer and his ideas.

The film has some light moments, where the hero’s household struggles with everything ‘English’ and refuses to give importance to his passion. Because what parents want their son capable of being a clerk to go into sports?

But the film also gets especially dark at places where dirty politics and caste system comes into play. Boxers and coaches are judged and mistreated on the basis of their castes and backgrounds by the corrupted politicians. This film depicts the poor conditions of boxers, like never before. Few scenes may make you wonder if they were ever taught humility.

Serious issues dealt with seriousness, and not sarcasm is one of the USPs of Anurag Kashyap’s films. He brings out the various dark sides of the sports including politics and drugs on the screen in a very splendid manner.

Anurag Kashyap is targeting each and every kind of evil that he could find, through this film. One major evil the film Mukkabaaz deals with is, casteism. Wherever the hero goes, it follows him like a plague.

Anurag Kashyap delivered once again in the form of 'Mukkabaaz.'Wikimedia Commons
Anurag Kashyap delivered once again in the form of ‘Mukkabaaz.’Wikimedia Commons

Anurag Kashyap’s direction like always is on point and there is no complaining. Slow motion fist fighting never seems more enthralling. The picturisation and emotions are so good, you’ll feel every minute of it.

The performance of all the actors is splendid. Zoya Hussain especially marks her presence through her strong expressions, since she doesn’t have any dialogues in the film. Vineet Kumar Singh gave what might be the most legendary performance possible of his career. We could feel his passion penetrating to us through the screen.

This sports movie is not just another sports movie. It is much more than that. It takes us to the darker side, where sports is not just sports but business. It is a way of controlling people and earning money.

Mukkabazz is one of the best movies which could have started our 2018. It is one movie which you shouldn’t miss.