Apache Indian: British Singer of Indian descent Steven Kapur to revive his biopic

British Singer Steven Kapur, Wikimedia

Mumbai, March 7, 2017: Apache Indian, a British singer of Indian descent, is excited as he is in talks with “someone in Bollywood” again regarding a movie on his life.

Steven Kapur, popular as Apache Indian, is in the country to promote his new album “In Ja”, and he is looking forward to do Bollywood projects, including his own biopic.

During his visit to the Hungama.com office here, he said: “I am especially excited as I am in talks with someone in Bollywood again regarding a movie on my life and I am simultaneously working on some Bollywood projects and songs for movies. Hopefully, people will see more of Apache Indian in India soon.”

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Talking about the Indian music industry, he said: “Seeing the Indian music industry opening up to new sounds and genres in the past few years, thanks to the internet and digital revolution, has been great. India has a great reggae vibe.”

“I have been caught up with projects around the world and I am glad to have made time for an India visit since it is special for me.”

Apache Indian, who has delivered hit songs like “Boom shack a lack” and “Chok there” has been a part of the international music scene for the past 25 years. (IANS)