Are we free? How Anglophonic masters are now pursuing remote controlled colonization


By Dr Kallol Guha

“Your God is dark like Ravi Shankar Prasad, but your matrimonial ads insist on white-skinned brides” This statement from Sharad Yadav raised commotion in Lok Sabha. Sharad Yadav’s comment is being branded as “Sexists” etc. But the big question is that why Anglophonic circle of India is silent on it?

Mindset is being created among Indians through highly sophisticated and powerful propaganda that white skin symbolizes everything superlative. Images from Bollywood or ads in the main stream media depict upper class Indians are all white and underclass as dark skin. Villains, servants, and beggars are invariably dark skin.  The movie versions of Indian epics turned Mahabharata heroes like Krishna, Draupadi and Arjun into white skinned characters – even though they have been portrayed as dark skinned in the original text.

There is no question that undeclared goal of this sinister and subtle marketing is aimed at psychologically conditioning Indians of all sections to accept supremacy of the white ‘Anglophonic Species’. To that extent the marketing has already achieved remarkable success. But why? Answer is relatively simple. Masses conditioned to accept white ‘Anglophonic Species’ are also likely to accept their dominance over affairs of India.

Here, is the relevance of Macaulay’s doctrine who proposed to create a breed of Indians who would be English in all possible features except in their looks and will remain delinked from their country of origin. This breed could look after the interest of the Anglophonic masters in India which is like a remote controlled colonization. No special inquiry is required to understand the Anglophonic Indian ruling class is just an out and out replica of what was envisaged by Macaulay. It might be useful to recall that during the movement of “India Against Corruption” by Anna Hazare it was discussed that as much as a trillion Dollar worth of black money has been transferred from India to overseas. If so-that money was not send to China or Russia or Brazil or Africa or Latin America. It obviously went to the place controlled by Anglophonic circles. In India who owns the mainstream press? Who controls primary and secondary schools? Who is awarded “Bharat Ratna”  for converting millions of Hindus into another religion. Above all who owns largest share of non-agricultural land in India- next to Government? Are you ready? The church !  The entire network is connected to Anglophonic world,  whose skin color is not dark. Do you now see why Shard Yadav’s comments get that resistance and why there is deathly silence on the issue of dark and light skin issue?

(The writer is the President & CEO of Saint James School of Medicine in Illinois.)