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Advertisements. (Representational image) Youtube

October 22, 2016: It is said, more than words, visuals leave a greater impact on the mind of a person. It is true because it is easy to recall things or incidents which we have witnessed than something which we have just heard or have read in any written text. In this way, films and advertisements create an impact on our minds knowing or unknowingly. More than films, it is the advertisements which on a recurring basis are served to us daily and we gulp it down without thinking.

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No wonder, the advertising industry is one of the fastest growing industries all across the world. Nowadays, almost every company take the help of the advertisements to make their products or services popularize. It helps in the sale of the products by creating a brand image and also by making it more popular than the rest of the similar products available in the market, but in the process of doing so they often end up hampering the image of a woman by objectifying them.

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Women are portrayed as mere sex objects. There is no point of discussing of why rape cases have become daily news or why unending molestation or assault cases are piling up in India every day when national television gives permission to such advertisements.
For example the advertisement of the AXE effect (deodorant) wherein after using the deodorant, all young girls jump on the man who applied it. The recent Sprite’s (soft drink) advertisement shows how a guy having the drink wins over a girl and the other who didn’t is left behind.

Sprite advertisement. Youtube.

Kellogg’s Special K goes to an extent of letting women know that they are not good enough and they need look skinny and attractive. That too not because of any other reason but only to look attractive for her husband.

Kellogg’s Special K. Youtube

Advertisement of Dalda husband’s choice is more of amazement. According to the ad, only men’s heath matter or may be only they get heart attacks and women can never even have a high cholesterol.

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These kinds of advertisements create an unreal image of a woman, who is supposed to fair, skinny, and essentially cook, wash clothes and do all such household works for that’s what there born for, right?
No wonder, the products are gaining popularity and earning enough but at what cost?

– by Pinaz Kazi of NewsGram. Twitter: @PinazKazi


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