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Asha Bhosle Turns 88: I feel Like I am 40!

The iconic singer has also started an initiative titled "Asha Ki Asha" where she will provide opportunities to new talent

Asha Bhosle is 88, but she says she feels like 40. The playback legend says she feels almost half her age because, she believes in speed and efficiency above anything else.

“I think it is my speed and efficiency. I want to do my best and do it with speed. For example, I cook really fast. Others exit the kitchen as they cannot match up with my speed (laughs). Ok, on a serious note, (I owe my) honesty to my music. Honesty is an integral part of me. It has brought me pain too, but in my 87 years I have always been honest in what I do, both at work and in life,” said the singer.

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“I’ve completed my 87th and stepped into my 88th but I feel 40! Like me, I hope you all feel positive about life,” she posted on social media after her birthday this year.

Her birthday was a quiet affair with close family this year, owing to the global pandemic. “Under this Covid-19 situation, I have shot videos turning hairstylist, makeup woman and designer beside performer. I have enjoyed it to the hilt. I have cooked many dishes. I also spent my birthday with my grandchildren Zanai and Ranjai and my son Anand and daughter-in-law Anuja. I simply loved it.”

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She added: “It feels beautiful to be surrounded by family. Normally everyone is busy in their own life. But now, we are all together. Zanai ordered my favourite food. Every moment today is a gift from God. I am so grateful. I want to be hale and hearty for years to come as well.”

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The iconic singer has started an initiative titled “Asha Ki Asha” where she will provide opportunities to new talent. She said she wants to broaden the space from only promoting singers to lyricists and others.

“I have listened to so many talents across the country that it will be tough to choose the best. I am so happy and overwhelmed at all the faith and love they have shown me. I will now broaden my search and give the opportunity to composers and lyricists as well. There are so many talented youngsters waiting in the wings,” signed off the singer. (IANS)



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