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‘Asha Ki Asha’ A Singing Competition You Should Not Miss

A singing contest to fulfill your singing ASHA

Stressing that the talent hunt ‘Asha Ki Asha’ on her YouTube channel will only focus on the participants’ singing ability, veteran playback singer Asha Bhosle makes it clear, “The keyword here is genuine talent. I don’t want them to dance, dress up, or put on makeup. The hunt is least interested in highlighting their lives, just musical ability. Their looks, clothes, or dancing abilities are of no consideration.”

Asha says that the idea came to her while witnessing her teenage granddaughter having a ‘digital house party’ with her friends sitting in different parts of the world. “All these kids were singing online and that is when the idea hit me. Why not invite aspiring singers to send me their short two-minute music videos, which I could review. If there was talent in them to be discovered, it could be showcased on my YouTube Channel and other social media platforms. I am sure if they are really good, the public viewing them would appreciate them. Perhaps, music directors would also notice them.”

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Those who wish to participate are expected to send in their one or two-minute videos in Hindi or English ( Adding that she will be looking for a unique voice, the singer says, “It is important that the participant has the correct pitch and rhythm. Expressions can be learned but a voice, right pitch, and rhythm are a gift.”

Though the talent hunt does not have any monetary prizes or assurances of signing contracts, the finest will be showcased on her social media platforms along with her recommendation.

Adding that she would prefer that the participants sang original songs rather than popular movie ones, the singer says that she would want to see the participants’ originality “rather than mimicking of people like us”. “It is quite possible that not everyone has original songs. However, if the participant is shortlisted, then I would like to give him an original song to perform so as to get a fair idea of his/her talent.”

Pleased that a number of professional music schools are coming up in the country, Asha Bhonsle says that a student learning music from a teacher in an institute is an extension of the guru shishya parampara, though in a modern setting. Wikimedia Commons

Agreeing that so far winners of reality shows have not really made it big, Asha says, ” I really don’t know the reason. Perhaps, too much emphasis is placed on the person’s dancing, dressing up or his family life, etc. I feel that many really talented singers are overlooked by talent scouts based on their looks or dancing abilities. Precisely why I am concentrating on the singing and not on all the paraphernalia that’s required for reality shows. I am hopeful that some great talent may be discovered through this initiative.”

Pleased that a number of professional music schools are coming up in the country, she says that a student learning music from a teacher in an institute is an extension of the guru shishya parampara, though in a modern setting. “But let’s not forget, music isn’t only about singing. It has many facets.”

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Looking back at her long journey, she tells IANS that despite several rough patches it has been a great learning process that has enriched her in ways than one. “I have always enjoyed my life, but I don’t like to sit back on my past laurels. There is so much more to learn and achieve. Achievement brings personal satisfaction, something that keeps me going. It is a pleasure sharing my experiences and learning with future generations so that they too can understand life and what it means.”

Also creating food recipes for her 20 restaurants under the brand eAsha’s’; the singer adds, “Besides, I have a weekly show on YouTube where I recall my songs, what went into their creation, the personalities involved, etc. In a way, it also documents for future generations. (IANS)



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