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 Acharya is sometimes used to address an expert teacher or a scholar in any discipline. Pinterest

By Dr. Devakinanda Pasupuleti

An Acharya is a highly learned person with a title affixed to the names of learned subject. The designation has different meanings in Hinduism, Buddhism and secular contexts. Acharya is sometimes used to address an expert teacher or a scholar in any discipline, e.g.: Bhaskaracharya, the expert mathematician.

Ashtottaram 19



ॐ आचार्यभूम्यै नमः

(Āchārya: Preceptor)

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In ancient India, education, the panacea for all maladies and problems of life, was imparted more by personal contact than by lectures and discourses. The student learned more by observing the teacher’s life than by hearing his teachings. Hence the teacher had to be that which he wanted to make of his student. It is this philosophy of education that is reflected in the word āchārya. It is only he or she who successfully gathers (āċinoti) the essentials of dharma and wisdom from all sources and practices them (āċarati) in his or her own life that deserves the appellation- ‘āchārya’. The word is also frequently used as an honorific for men of great erudition and learning. It is also applied to an adviser or preceptor guiding sacrificial rites. The wife of a āchārya is called āchāryaṇi.

Even now, there are many ācharyās trying to restore the balance of Vedic values facing stiff opposition from several quarters. Pinterest

In the strictest sense, the title applies to one, who follows Vedic scriptures, traditions and values in his life and becomes an ideal for his fellow beings In the olden days, during times of oppression by despot kings, foreign invaders and proselytizers, teachers like Sri Śankarāchārya, Sri Ramanujāchārya, Sri Madhvāchārya, Sri Vallabhacharya, Sri Vidyaraṇya swami, Sri Dayānanda Saraswati and many more reformed society and brought fame and glory to the title. They participated in debates with opponents of Vedic religion -like Ćarvāka schools of thought (materialism that denied the existence of all non-temporal objects) and cults which propagated unethical and abominable practices in the name of religion. With their vast spiritual knowledge these āchāryās strengthened the foundations of Hinduism and re-established Sanātana dharma. Even now, there are many ācharyās trying to restore the balance of Vedic values facing stiff opposition from several quarters.

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If it wasn’t for these Acharya , our Sanātana Dharma would have been wiped off the face of the Earth, as has happened to many other cultures like Māyan, Incan, Aztec, Roman, and Greek.

The land on which āchāryās and āchāryaṇis walk, is our land- ‘Āchārya Bhūmi.’



People stroll early morning at the Mumbai promenade.

Prior to the brutal second wave of the pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had cautioned civil services probationers against developing the despised "babu mindset". He gave the invaluable piece of advice while addressing civil services probies at the well-known Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie via video-conferencing. He also outlined the keystone mantra of "minimum government and maximum governance".

With the recent collapse of the under-construction flyover in Bandra Kurla Complex which injured 14 labourers, it seems like the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has got the PM's keystone mantra all wrong. The recent flyover collapse isn't an isolated incident, in fact, a month ago a similarly bemusing incident took place in the eastern part of the suburbs.

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Kashmir's natural splendour, with its beautiful valleys and towering mountains, is really unlike anywhere.

Along with the undeniable natural beauty, the Kashmir valley has developed a reputation for adventurous activities like trekking, hiking, and river rafting. Kashmir has maintained its charm, allowing us to time-travel into beautiful destinations which make one forget about the stress and worries of life. The hikes in Kashmir offer adventurers to go on a self-discovery trip through nature's lap over the mountains while taking in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them on their journey. In addition to the hikes, there are many thrilling adventure activities, like rock climbing, rope climbing, etc. Trekking across the region of mountains and lakes will allow you to experience living in the "Paradise on Earth," and you wouldn't want to return to your regular life after that.

The following are some of the finest hiking destinations in Kashmir:

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Pind Daan at Jagannath Ghat, Kolkata.

The Pitru Paksha starts after the Full Moon day, and this day marks the beginning of the waning phase of the Lunar cycle. This event is roughly of 15-day period, and is of great significance. From this day, rituals like Tarpan or Tarpanam and Shradh are carried out to pay respects to dead relatives and ancestors.

It is believed that from the very first day till the last day, the unhappy souls of the deceased return to the Earth to see their family members. So, in order to ensure that the dead attain Moksha, i.e. to get liberation, family members of these souls quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger by performing the Pind Daan, which includes offering food consisting of cooked rice and black sesame seeds. The literal meaning of Pind Daan is the act of satisfying those who no longer exist physically.

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