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Our motherland provides us with a continuous flow of sacred waters like Ganga

Ashtottaram 26




ॐ सुफलभूम्यै नमः

(Suphala: Good fruit; ‘su’: Well, good, auspicious; ‘Phala’: Fruit, the result of an action) 

Suphala is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms su and phala (फल).

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That bears good fruit, or that has borne good fruit–a tree: also that has proved gainful, productive, profitable, and advantageous–a business or an act. It also means efficacious, effectual, successful; and availing–any application, operation, or measure.

(Suphala: Good fruit; ‘su’: Well, good, auspicious; ‘phala’: Fruit, the result of an action). Pinterest

In every school in India, students stand in front of the national flag and sing the national song: ‘Vandemātaram, mātaram vandemātaram, sujalām, suphalām, malayajasētalām, saśyaśyāmalām, mātaram, vandemātaram’. Written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in 1876., the meaning of this national song is-: ‘The land which flourishes with the flow of tasty waters, heavy with sweet fruits, cool breezes, and green farming lands; to my motherland, my salutations! The land which shines under the white moonlight, trees with blossomed flowers, with happy smiles and sweet talk comforting us, Oh, Bhāratmāta-salutations unto you!’

Similarly, Nobel Prize winner Rabindranāth Tagore wrote our national anthem in 1896, and in that song, he hails our motherland with ‘Jayahe, Jayahe, Jayahe.’ Our mother land provides us with a continuous flow of sacred waters like Ganga. These waters make our farms fertile and provide us with food and sweet fruits. Poets and writers have described with ecstatic joy how rich with rice and fruits our motherland is.


We are also the only ones, who appreciate water as one of the five basic elements of nature and we pray to rivers and worship them with utmost devotion. Our ancient ṛishis realized that without water there are no fertile lands, without which we have no food which provides our sustainable energy. We are also blessed with varieties of fruits in abundance and we always offer our gratitude to God for His blessings in providing us with food and the climate suitable for growing this abundance of fruits.

                               So, our motherland is ‘Suphala Bhūmi‘.

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