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Australian Road Trips: How to Save Money on Car Rentals, Insurance and Parking

Find out ways to save expenditure on car rentals, insurances and taxes in Australia

Taking a road trip within Australia is a good way to unwind, the beautiful country has a lot of places to visit. If you plan on spending your next vacation there, you need as much money as you can gather; you should start by saving money on car rentals, insurance, and packing.

Additional expenses like car rental, insurance, and packing fees can consume a big chunk from your vacation budget; if you are new in the country or a novice in renting cars, car hire companies will not hesitate to rip you off. For instance, you may end up buying Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) when an existing policy already covers you. That’s why this article contains a guide to help you save money on car rentals, insurance and packing while taking a road trip in Australia. 

Car rentals
Additional expenses like car rentals, insurance, and packing fees can consume a big chunk from your vacation budget. Pixabay

How to Save Money on Car Rentals

Using public transportation for your road trip may seem more affordable, but it comes with a lot of hitches, this makes renting a car essential, despite the cost, you can save money on car rentals, here are some useful tips:

Compare Offers from Different Car Hiring Companies

Before you hire a car in Australia, you should have different options, make comparisons then go for the most favorable offer. Don’t just settle for popular companies; you’ll be surprised to see other cars hire companies with better offers.

Request Discounts

Most times car hiring companies offer discounts, if you utilize these discounts well, you will be able to save a few dollars. Whether you are booking online or from the desk, always make inquiries about discounts.

Go for Economic or Smaller Cars

Driving a Porsche while on a road trip doesn’t mean you’ll have more fun than when you drive a Toyota, what matters most are the places you can visit, the people you meet and the food you eat. So, there’s no need to drive a luxurious car on a road trip. If you want to reduce your expenses, you should stick with economical vehicles, and if you are going alone or with a single partner, the small-sized car will suit your needs.

Avoid Airport Pickup

It’s always more expensive when picking up a hired car directly from the airport, if you want to minimize your expenses, consider scheduling pickup elsewhere, preferably within the city or close to your hotel.

Car rentals
Using free parking spaces is an excellent way to reduce the amount you will spend on parking. Pixabay

How to Save Money on Car Rental Insurance

Buying a car insurance policy for your rental car is essential, but it becomes a waste if you are already insured. Most times, our personnel car insurance, travel insurance policy, and even Credit cards cover us for most of the insurance policies car rental companies are offering.

Car hiring companies will use different methods to convince you to buy their policies; if you are already covered, don’t give in, be firm in rejection of their offer. Car rental excess waiver insurance policy and daily car hire excess insurance are great alternatives for the Collision Damage Waiver and Loss Damage Waiver that are offered by most insurance companies because they are more affordable. This will help you save money while on the road trip.

Although avoiding additional issuance will indeed help you save funds, it is risky and can drain your funds. So you have to be careful, make sure you do thorough research on your existing policy and find out what you are covered for. If your current insurance policy doesn’t cover you adequately, Car rental excess insurance policy and daily car hire excess will come in handy. 

How to Save Money on Parking

Parking your rental vehicle is an additional expense when on a road trip, the cost of parking in Australia varies; parking within metropolitan cities is more expensive than other cities.

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Using free parking spaces is an excellent way to reduce the amount you will spend on parking. However, be cautious and don’t stay beyond the amount of time you are allowed to park. If you can’t find a free parking space, look for the most affordable space close to your destination (with the help of directories) or book in advance to get discounts. 

Renting someone’s garage is another great way to save money on parking, don’t be surprised, Australians are willing to rent out their private garage for a more affordable price. Finally, avoid parking your car at a prime location. For instance, if you are going to the beach, park your car around and trek to the beach. 



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