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Here’s How You Can Avoid Skin Allergies Caused by Masks

Battle your skin woes as well

Wearing a mask is a must, but this has led to many complaints of various skin issues. Masks create a hot and moist environment inside it, becoming the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. These bacteria make the skin itchy and acne and rashes prone.

Lalita Arya, Vice President Dermapuritys, suggests a few ways on how one can prevent skin problems which may arise from wearing a mask for longer periods.

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To prevent skin problems:

Make sure that your skin has been cleaned properly and then moisturized with a water-based moisturizer as they are light and suitable for hot weather, also it is not oily. After moisturizing your face, apply an antibacterial or anti-inflammatory cream for extra protection. This step will avoid any chances for rashes and acne to occur. Once you have removed the mask wash your hands with soap and then cleanse your face to remove any grown bacteria; do not forget to moisturize irrespective of your type else it will dry up and cause irritation and problems.

How to cure skin issues caused by mask:

If acne or rash has shown up in the area, take care of it as it can grow, get aggravated, and cause irritation. Apply anti-inflammatory cream or zinc oxide on the affected areas. Try home remedies for acne and do not pick your acne as it worsens its condition. Do not rub over the rash, it can cause swelling and irritation. Follow a good skin care regimen and find suitable products according to your type. If the skin condition worsens, visit a dermatologist for expert help.

Avoid skin allergies caused by masks
Once you have removed the mask wash your hands with soap and then cleanse your face to remove any grown bacteria; do not forget to moisturize irrespective of your skin type else the skin will dry up and cause irritation and skin problems. Pixabay

Home remedies:

Use cucumber on the skin in different forms; rub cucumber juice ice-cubes it would soothe the skin, or can easily rub slices of cucumber on the face.

Try homemade soothing face packs for or a healthy and refreshing

If you have acne-prone skin, then do not exfoliate, it can worsen the condition and can make it painful.


Prefer a disposable mask also ensure you are disposing of them in a correct way

If you feel dry and flaky, cleanse the face gently and apply heavy moisturizer to rehydrate the skin.

If using reusable masks, use cotton, or a breathable fabric mask.

You may even wash the mask and clean the bacteria that might have grown so that they do not transfer onto your skin again.

Keep your diet vitamin C and K rich, you may also take supplements for the same. These are essential elements for the skin.

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Use gentle products on your face.

Use lightweight moisturizer; prefer a water-based product. Since moisturizer with oil base can feel sticky and attract dust.

The mask should not be too tight else it will leave marks and severe rashes. (IANS)



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