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An Ayurvedic practitioner applying oils using head massage.. Hindu Council

BY: Naveen Shukla, Dr Vishal Sharma, Dr Nikhila Venugopal. Nature Care Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the offspring of Atharvaveda and appreciated as the fifth Veda is the holistic system of medicine to promote health and to prevent diseases. This wonderful science has put up the Indian culture into great heights and is still a recollection of the cultural heritage. The powerful logic and philosophy which provides a link between the living and non living matters of the universe, is still appreciable in the current era .This Indian system of medicine has laid principles and methods of treatment for the chronic illnesses where there is no definite curative treatment and symptomatic relief is the only existing treatment solution.

The beauty of Ayurveda lies in the factor that when a patient comes to an Ayurvedic doctor the root cause or the Nidhana is being focused leading to the pathology and pathogenesis. This systematic modality of how beautiful a disease is being portrayed and it’s treatment accordingly is the greatest achievement in curing the chronic illness.
Ayurveda gives importance and corrects the improper food habits, suppression of natural urges, irregular daily regimen, seasonal regimen; psychological factors like fear stress anxiety which is a striking factor in a disease manifestation.

Being a whole body and mind oriented science, Ayurveda focuses on almost all of the bodily functions associated with heat, and its imbalances, nervous imbalance, functions of digestive tract and also controls structure, metabolism, and fluid balance of the body.
Ayurveda is gaining its importance and value because of its therapeutic value too. In the olden days, man lived very close to nature and cured himself by the materials from the nature which were considered to be the potent herbs which can do wonders as it possess infinite potencies.

The commonly used spices in most kitchen like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom etc are known to pacify the overpowered Vata. Pixabay

The total balance of the environment, mind, body and spirit promotes Ayurveda achieve its goal towards a complete human wellness. As explained, the season and the regimens followed play an indispensable role in relation to the human body as Ayurveda considers that each season has its own value due to the dominance and aggravation of the specific dosha.

This autumn also provides some recommendation commencing from choosing a particular food and daily activity to balance the bodily transition and seasonal change. Being governed by pitta and vata, steps must be taken to keep them in balance. Foods that promote warmth and increases the moisture content of the body is highly appreciated.

Ayurveda herbs – Thomé Salix alba cleanHindu Council

The commonly used spices in most kitchen like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom etc are known to pacify the overpowered Vata. Health is at its best during the Autumn, if oily, raw and junk foods are avoided as it hampers the digestive tract creating to many illness. Warm fluid does provide a soothing reaction to the sluggish digestive tract.

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The other regimens to be followed will add to its benefit when consulted by a doctor as the series of pros-cons checklist is assessed with your constitution and the daily habits. Thus the autumn gifts you an individualized healthy package of the right diet and lifestyle.

Roots of Ayurveda are so deep that its ultimate aim is a healthy body, mind and longevity. Efforts have been constantly put to elevate and preserve the great science of life- Ayurveda. We can proudly say Ayurveda as our heritage and pride which will keep flowing on to generations.with this sole aim of promoting a good health. (Originally Published: Hindu Council of Australia)


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