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Ayurveda May Help Students Deal With Exam, Result Stress

Students need to focus on their health as well as examinations

By Puja Gupta

Over anxiety can hinder the thinking capability of a student. If the child is under too much pressure, he will very likely not perform according to his capability.

As the students have already started appearing for various entrance exams amid the Covid pandemic, they need to stay calm while dealing with such situations. Students need to focus on their health as well as examinations.

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“Students need extra support from their family and friends who are appearing for their entrance as well as other exams during these times. Unlike the pre-Covid times, where the focus was only on academics during examinations, now students also need to stay safe,” says Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda.

Chauhaun adds:

“Preparation for the examinations along with arming oneself with protective gear to keep out Covid infection has become a great challenge for students. Ayurveda can come to aid in such times to keep off stress and alleviate mental health.”

Ayurveda suggests a few ways that can help a child manage excessive stress caused due to the exams.

Ayurveda can help rescue exam, result stress
Intake of food like milk should be increased as they keep the digestive system strong. Unsplash

Intake of food like milk, almonds, raisins, cottage cheese, green vegetables and seasonal fruit should be increased as they keep the digestive system strong. Junk food should be absolutely stopped as it is not at all good for the digestive system. A healthy gut will help to keep the mind relaxed and energetic.

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Ayurvedic herbs like Aswagandha are a powerful antioxidant that reduce anxiety naturally.

A positive ambience at home will enhance the thinking pattern of a student. Lighting up aromatic oils/incense sticks like lavender and lemon will help in relaxing the mind.

Role of parents is very important in a child’s life. Parents should interact more with their children. This would help children in releasing their fears and control over thinking. (IANS)



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