Activists in Quetta Protest against Chinese Intrusion in Balochistan

Demonstration in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. Image source: Flickr

New Delhi, October 10, 2016: In Quetta, Pakistan, the Balochi activists protested on Sunday against China intruding in Balochistan by using the excuse of building the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), according to ANI reports.

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“The protest demonstration was taken out by the Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) to expose before the world the plunder of their natural resources by Pakistan and China in the name of CPEC and human rights violations by Pakistan in Balochistan,” one of the protesters said to ANI.

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the cause of Balochistan, members of the Baloch community in Pakistan as well as in abroad, they have renewed their campaigns to bring into light the alleged human right violations in the province.

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FBM activists burnt flags of China and Pakistan. The activists accused China of helping Pakistan to commit atrocities and violations of human rights in Balochistan.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan army chief General Raheel Sharif, and Chinese President Xi Jinping effigies were burnt by the activists.
Slogans like, “Stop War Crimes in Balochistan,” “Stop Baloch Genocide,” “Down with Pakistan” and “Down with China,” were raised.

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“Baloch people, women, students, youth, who gathered here, condemn the alliance partners of Pakistan, who are supporting it in the name of military and economy. In the name of development, Pakistani military and its partners are plundering Balochistan’s resources and are trying to dismantle Balochistan’s identity,” a protestor said.

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