4 Simple Ways to Look your Best, Must Dos for Office Going Men!

How to be job ready
How to be job ready. Pixabay

New Delhi, Oct 4, 2017: At a time when everyone is struggling to get the best jobs, looking well groomed can definitely be a plus-point. From choosing the right outfits to taking care of your appearance, experts suggest how to look your best without trying too hard.

Celebrity hair-stylist Aalim Hakim and renowned image consultant Suman Agarwal come up with the essentials to be job ready

Ace the suit

How to be job ready
Well suited man/How to be job ready. Pixabay

Your first impression is always a lasting impression, hence, focus on power dressing for success. So, either opt for pure business formals that exude professionalism or smart casuals known to be a combination of casual and business attire.

Smarten up

How to be job ready
Clean shaved men/How to be job ready. Pixabay

Among many facets that contribute to a person’s overall positive personality is his appearance. A heavily bearded face is a strict no-no so groom your beard. Ensure that all sides are properly shaved with minimal facial hair. Shave the side burns and do not leave them unkempt — the ideal size of the side burn is that it should not cross the mid-ear. Rest assured, it will be a smooth shave early morning, avoiding any nicks and cuts. An aftershave is a must

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How to be job ready
Professional men accessories/How to be job ready. Pixabay

Move over your daily college accessories because anything loud and flashy can be a major turn off while also creating distraction. Wearing hand-bands and unwanted accessory tends to send across unprofessional vibes.

 Personal hygiene

How to be job ready
Personal care/How to be job ready. Pixabay

Body hygiene is an important aspect which cannot be ignored. You will directly be shown the way out if you have a bad body or mouth odour. That does not mean that you apply a full blast of deodorant — some light scented deo/perfume which smells good should work well. (IANS)