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A Full Guide to Choose Beauty Colours For Every Skin Tone

Roy N Subramoney, Managing Director, INGLOT Cosmetics, APAC and Middle East, lists some trends that will work well on every skin tone:

Choosing make-up for your skin tone goes far beyond getting the foundation right. However, there are a few colours in make-up products that look flattering and stunning on anyone, irrespective of skin tone.

Roy N Subramoney, Managing Director, INGLOT Cosmetics, APAC and Middle East, lists some trends that will work well on every skin tone:

* The iconic red lipstick: There’s something magical about the red lipstick. A flattering red lipstick can pull your look together, even if you’re not wearing heavy make-up. Available in matte, gloss and shimmer, the red lipstick can complete your make up look even if you opt for a minimalistic look. There is a shade of red lipstick for every skin tone. Fair toned women can pick cool-toned red lipsticks with hints of blue and purple. For medium skin tones, orange-red shades work well. A poppy red also helps cancel out any sallowness in medium skin tones. On dark complexions, deep, bright, matte reds work well. One can opt for, candy-apple reds.

* Neutral colours in eyeshadows: Eye shadows are an integral part of eye make-up. Whether fair/medium/dark skin tones, one can create sultry looking eyes with neutral eye shadows. Neutral tones are the best to create a natural look which works well as day wear, for brunch and other day occasions alike!

* Bronze toned blush: The blush is always an important make-up product in your collection. The blush, even when applied in a small amount, brings out the inner glow, highlights cheekbones and defines the face. A cinnamon or deep bronze toned blush works well for all skin tones be it fair/ medium/dark and works like magic to transform a muted regular wear look into a glamorous glow.

Different skin tone
Dab your way to fresh, natural finish, eye-popping shades. Pixabay

Debasmita Panja, Senior Brand Manager, Color Category at AVON India, shares inputs:

* Colour correcting (CC) cream: Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone can be tricky. Whenever in doubt, a CC Cream with SPF 50/ PA is the best option as a make-up base. CC cream has the real results of fading dark spots and dullness, feels lightweight on the skin and gives 24-hour moisturisation. Women with fair to light skin tone can opt for wheat shade and others can go for nude shades.

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* Matte lipsticks: Women nowadays are selecting the lip shades that are perfectly matte but are always confused on which shade will look good with their skin tone. Different shades of orange complement all skin-tones — like true orange or tangerine tango shade suits well on fair skin whereas bright nectar or coral burst works best on tanned skin tone.

* Pretty blush: Dab your way to fresh, natural finish, eye-popping shades. Whether you have fair, wheatish, or olive skin tone, almond and peach shade will give your cheeks a natural, pretty glow. (Bollywood Country)



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