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Being an American Indian, from the eyes of Gauri

This article is by Gauri Jain, whose pure soul left her body a few weeks back. She was 12 years old and a very well rounded person who enjoyed writing and swimming and was very popular among her friends and peers. She passed away due to anaphylactic shock. At that tender age she wrote about her experience of being an American Indian.

American Indian – Apr 2, 2015

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American Indian

As all of you may know I am an American Indian. I was born in the United States, however I have parents and ancestors who had come from India. Therefore, I am of an Indian descent, meaning that my religion is Hinduism. Since I AM OF Hinduism religion I have holidays and different things that I would eat that a ot of Americans wouldn’t eat or do yearly or on a daily basis. I’m going to tell you the perks of being an American Indian, some non-perks, and basically what it is like to be this culture. Some non-perks of being an American Indian is that we live in Oak park which may not have many people of the same culture of us. Most people don’t have the same holiday experiences like we have with Hindu holidays. For example we celebrate Diwali. Most people in Oak park do not celebrate Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights and just a few people in Oak park celebrate the holiday. In school, teachers may teach about Indian religion and the different holidays in the religion. The thing is people don’t celebrate the holiday every year. The funny thing is that there are more of different cultures. For example, people that are Irish. People that are Irish have parades downtown Oak park. So many people when they o to school where Green on Saint Patrick’s day. There are even an Irish dance group that performs in the auditorium. On the other hand , people don’t do this on Diwali. The reason is because there are not as many people that celebrate this holiday in Oak park. The mean thing is stereotypes. People have stereotypes for all ethnicities. For example, people think Indians are short, and are great at school, and get great grades. There are some great parts of being Indian too. For one thing it is a unique religion than in other parts of American. Also there are so many people that love the food from India and a lot of people love it. Another thing is that it’s really cool to have an amzing religion because not a lot of people are that religion so in a way I’m special in a good way. Being an American Indian means a lot to me. I have so amny family members and have fun on all the holidays. The bad thing is that some people make fun of others culture. Some people make fun of Mexicans or even Indians. When people make fun it hurts people’s feelings because they like their culture and them people ruin it by saying mean things. Here is my message to everyone. Everyone is a different person and has the right to be who they want to be and just because it may not be common you should treat them equally. From :Gauri To: MR.DOOD

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