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Being Mobile Responsive Grabs The Traffic

So, here are some awesome tips that will pave a way for making your site a mobile friendly one

Being Mobile Responsive Grabs The Traffic
Being Mobile Responsive Grabs The Traffic. Pixabay

Word press site is gaining fame recently because it has been quite useful in driving traffic to many services providing websites. To make your website suit to the standards of everyone using it, one needs to make it very elegant, informative and responsive with a very high speed. But, very few of us do really know how to make wordpress site mobile friendly. So, here are some awesome tips that will pave a way for making your site a mobile friendly one.

Looking carefully at a deep study & research it could be noticed that the large section of the population is busy with their smartphones on the internet over an infinite number of hours regularly. This is the probable source of future market & customer. To drive this mass towards a website it is of utter necessity that the website is framed in a mobile responsive pattern.

The mobile-friendly themes are those which are best designed for the mobiles. They are regularly updated and are articulate. They add amazing effects to the website. Certain mobile friendly themes like the Unicode and the Kaleum are some of the most popular mobile friendly themes. They make the mobile-friendly sits very responsive, multipurpose ones. The themes are too modern and are also less in size with a sophisticated theme of HTML5. So, they work so well that they give a perfect environment for the website. With the themes, there are also regular pop-ups in relation to the integrated and amazingly beautiful sliders which are well designed with the samples. So, the two of themes are well-known themes for a mobile-friendly website.


Representational image.
Representational image. Pixabay

Some websites may seem to be mobile friendly, but at the same time, it is important to know whether it is supporting on the computer screen or not. So, we need to test for how many devices such a pattern will be compatible. But, it will be a really hectic one to have a test with all the phones at your office. So, for the purpose of testing one will have to deal with a free mobile-friendly tester from Google. The trick is quite simple and onehas to just enter the URL by which one can quickly try out testing the mobile-friendly feature.

The unique feature about this is that if one sees a red color, it means that there is a little bit of thing needsto be done. The API test by Google has become an awesome platform for testing the mobile-friendly feature. It can easily monitor the pages, but one can choose from the pages that are more important to be tested better.


Just after checking for the mobile-friendly criteria, one needs to choose for a proper mobile friendly theme to go with your website. One just needs to go for the Latest Word press version. There will be many updates and one can choose for any of the themes that will actually suit your choice. One such theme can be obtained by using WordPress 4.4.

A press child theme is yet newness. One can go with the newness of this theme which will
make your site a perfect one. There is a default theme called the Twenty Fifteen. But it is very important to point to be noted that before one finally chosen as a theme just check out that it is supporting well on the screen or not. Often there are such fraud ones that are labeled as mobile friendly but are not working.

Like everything else, even WordPress can be a perfect place to apply your DIY tricks. So, if one is bothered to change the theme, the best option will be to go with the child theme. There are many free tools in this category which will add a gorgeous look. When one is using a child theme it is easy to control the base, but, if one really start from the base with a DIY trick, it becomes a bit tough to set the proper boundaries. After one finishes with the set up of the website one would like to go for in his own way, he needs to be very precise to now use the pluginthe facility. The plug inthe facility will not only make his website run faster but will also give one a format that will adjust the elements on the smaller screen.

There are prefixed options in your Word Press site. But, one should not go with any of the pop-ups. There are some intrusive interstitials which may be covering the whole content. It is very important to see that onedoes not go with any of the pop-ups.

Representational image. Pixabay


It is a super easy task in Word Press to add a link. The link is added to another web page by adding HTTP:// or https:// which gets followed by the URL. But when the reverse is to be done, that is adding a link to the email address requires the replacement of the HTTP with mailto: prefix and the rest of the portion gets followed by the email address that needs to be linked. The next thing one has to is simply select the part of the text that needs to be linked and then pressing the Ctrl+K button will redirect one to enter the post in the editor.

The linking of Email Link can be done to Word press manually too using HTML. However, it is better not to go with adding Email links in Word Press pages because in that case, the email link starts appearing to all publicly.

Whatever might be the updates one has to go with that regularly, Word Press provides one the best platform that will give a perfect look to the website. Keep on trying for the best updates that will not only make it look perfect but will also be easily accessible to the people who are visiting your website quite often. If you are new to this platform, yet want to have a perfect start-up business, you can hire one of the best developers to help you with the development. It is never too late.

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7 Pro SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Learn to outsource when it gets too overwhelming and create quality content that is relevant. Slow and steady wins the race

The highlight of the training is a virtual lab consisting of several real like live websites where students will get to perform security audits and find vulnerabilities.
The highlight of the training is a virtual lab consisting of several real like live websites where students will get to perform security audits and find vulnerabilities. Pixabay
  • Starting and running a small business can be a stressful task
  • In today’s high-tech world it is important that we take full advantage of SEO
  • SEO can be easily learnt and used to our advantage

Why Bother?

Starting and running a small business takes dedication. In today’s high-tech world, small business owners must not only keep their eye on their physical presence but also their presence online. If you are not visible online, you effectively render yourself invisible.

In this article, you are going learn 7 pro tips for small businesses. The goal is simple – it is being seen, to stay relevant and to generate more sales.   .

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1. Keep It Real: Ensure Your Content the Real Deal

Creating relevant and valuable content is what will attract your desired customer base. Readers can tell if the content is genuine or forced so be sure to aim for quality, not just quantity.

Search Engine Optimization is a strong tool for Small Businesses all over the world. Pixabay
Search Engine Optimization is a strong tool for Small Businesses all over the world. Pixabay

A quality site, on the other hand, will generate more backlinks, sending you a steady flow of new prospective readers and seo juice.

2. Backlinks are Powerful: Get Them

Backlinks are such a vital component of SEO and many refer to them as the building blocks. Search engines such as Google give more credit to websites that are referred to by other relevant websites. The more the merrier.

Building connections and finding quality authoritative websites that are willing to provide a backlink will force you to build your online presence and to set yourself up as an authoritative source. However, effectively getting backlinks and optimizing anchor texts is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO. And most importantly, it is one of the most time-consuming aspects as well.

Backlinks make for a powerful connecting SEO tool. Flickr
Backlinks make a powerful connecting SEO tool. Flickr

If you find yourself struggling, do not be afraid of using backlinking services such as http://www.seoguestposts.com. However, you decide to build your links, watch out for PBNs or other black-hat tactics as you could risk getting your site penalized.

3. Keep Your Content Current

Along the same lines, check out your old posts using analytics. Those posts that got a lot of views but did not rank quite as high? Give them an overhaul and boost their rankings.

· Updating outdated and cringe-worthy pictures
· Make sure your taking advantage of title tags and meta descriptions
· Proofread- do not lose credibility due to poor grammar
· Ensure your links work

4. Keep on Linking: Internal/External Links

Linking is one of the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Pixabay
Linking is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Pixabay

Pique your reader’s curiosity and encourage them to dig deeper by providing internal links and external links, both to your own less-read posts and those to other authoritative sites. Your readers are bound to appreciate your fact-based approach. As an added plus, this can help eliminate the whine of salesy language.
Besides just helping the reader, it is an SEO best practice to link out to authority sites and to link to your own website.

5. Connect through various media and platforms

Who said you are limited to text web pages? Connect on social media, create eye-catching videos and infographics. Visual learners will be drawn to these types of content more than your
1000 blog post!

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6. Keep It Fast: Increase your page speed

Increase your page speed and OPTIMIZE. For every second your reader waits for the page to load the chances of them moving on increases exponentially. The faster your site, however, the faster you can land and interest clients. Google also penalizes slow sites. This means the faster your site the better your chances are of being on page 1.

Fast updating on pages will increase the traffic. Pixabay
Fast updating on pages will increase the traffic. Pixabay

Some tips for increasing your site speed is reduce the size of your images, use website code that is not bloated (such as WordPress) and to use a CMD. If all of this seems too complicated, several speed-optimization tools exist to help you out.

7. Remember Patience is a Virtue

Building quality content and increasing traffic naturally takes time. There are no shortcuts in this business and if there are they are based on a scam and will only hurt your rankings.

Patience is indeed a virtue while using the SEO. VOA
Patience is indeed a virtue while using the SEO. VOA

So, stay patient and stay diligent. Learn to outsource when it gets too overwhelming and create quality content that is relevant. Slow and steady wins the race, in both Aesop’s tales and in search engine optimization.

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How words play their game


By Anjali Gursahaney

A new mouth and an unstrained idea for Indians that comes to fore is ‘blogs’. There has been a lot of fuss about creating our own blog which has become a status symbol and a marker of identity. There is an ongoing tussle between Blogspot and WordPress and people are trying to figure out which one is better and why.

Earlier, Blogspot had a larger number of bloggers. But ever since WordPress has become the ‘new cool’, people are more enthusiastic about it. It can be said that since it includes the word ‘press’ in it, people are getting more passionate about it. Blogspot was launched on August 23, 1999, while WordPress was launched on August 8, 2005.

Photo credit : spillspace.com
Photo credit : spillspace.com

There is no doubt about it that WordPress is better than Blogspot as it includes many new and different features in it. If we compare them, we will see that they both have their own pros and cons. Where on one hand, Blogspot is free, reliable, easy to use and also has decent selections of templates. On the other hand, the drawback of Blogspot is that it has limited features, there is no premium framework and Google is not accountable when it distributes our content.

Also, WordPress has multiple features as its software is free, extremely flexible and feature rich, it can be customized as per our needs  (especially with web design/development knowledge), easy-to-use without coding knowledge, wide-variety of free and premium themes and the most important part is that you own your content.

However, there are few disadvantages of WordPress as well. For instance, theme customization can be difficult for beginners, it also requires paid web hosting and a domain name but some web hosts are unreliable. Last but not the least, it is easier to hack blogs on WordPress rather than on Blogspot.

Preksha Buttan told NewsGram, “I have recently joined Blogspot and it is good platform for starters. Also, it is an amazing platform for those who don’t want to earn and just write because they want to pursue their passion.”

On the other hand, Simran Keswani has entirely different view as she prefers to use WordPress rather than Blogspot. She said, “WordPress is any day better and is the new cool. It has amazing themes and Blogspot on the other hand, has a lot limitations, like you cannot update pictures more than 1 GB.”

It can be concluded by saying, Blogspot is easy for beginners and is for people who love writing. While WordPress is for people who want to earn money by writing. In my opinion, people who have been on Blogspot from a long time aren’t too keen to shift from it , as they think that they might lose their followers. Or may be they don’t find the need to use WordPress.

Picture Credit : zedge.net
Picture Credit : zedge.net

People’s reluctance has been witnessed earlier as well – Orkut and Facebook are one of the examples.  Earlier, people did not like Facebook much, but because Facebook offered privacy and many other features people eventually shifted to it. Another example is Hangouts of Gmail versus Google Talk .

Thus, we can clearly say, that although people are not very comfortable moving from one thing to the other, yet over the passage of time, their perceptions change. Perhaps it will also change for WordPress too.

The debate is still on!