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Delhi offers some really good quality bookstores for its book lovers.

What is more exciting for a reader than to visit beautiful and wholesome bookstores? Well, Delhi offers some really good and quality bookstores for its book lovers.

So, if you are in or around Delhi, then you must visit these bookstores and grab some original versions of your favourite author!

Faqir Chand & Sons

This bookstore has its own magnificent story. Well, this bookstore was originally established in Peshawar, Pakistan, in the year 1931. Then after partition, the bookstore shifted to Delhi, India, in the year 1951. Faqir Chand and Sons is considered to be one of the oldest bookstores in Delhi. Honestly, it's really a heaven for those who are into books!

  • Where is it located? - Khan Market, Delhi.
  • What kind of books are available? - All kinds, really.

People Tree

Over the years, there's no doubt that People Tree has become a brand. This bookstore opened in the year 2001, and since then it has been the place where readers come to find solace. Not just a beautiful bookstore, but this place is a design studio-cum-store.

  • Where is it located? Connaught Place, Delhi.
  • What kind of books are available? - Books related to Hindi literature, cinema, theatre, music & travel, along with handicrafts items.

May Day Bookstore

This is one of the very few indie bookstores in the city. The main reason behind this bookstore was not so much to earn profits, but to grow and promote a community that has great love for reading. Honestly, this bookstore offers second-hand books which has become quite a thing now!

  • Where is it located? - Patel Nagar, Delhi.
  • What kind of books are available? - Second-hand revolutionary books.
Bahrisons Booksellers
This bookstore is also one of Delhi's better-known bookstores. Established in the year 1953, Bahrisons Booksellers is known to have a wide collection of books, covering all genres. Not only this, the magazine section in this bookstore is always packed!
  • Where is it located? - Khan Market, Delhi.
  • What kind of books are available? - Books of all kinds, covering all genres.
As winter season is here, get ready to visit these beautiful bookstores and grab amazing books for yourself!

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