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Best Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers

This is why getting a colleague a package of stackable lunch pots will almost surely be greeted with a smile

Finding the right gifts for co-workers is challenging by default, as it should be something personal and perhaps even playful, yet tasteful; something that doesn’t compromise the professional tone of your working relationship, but at the same time isn’t one of those boring, soulless gifts people give just to follow protocol.

It’s a delicate balance that needs to be struck, and to help you do it, we have compiled a list of universal gifts that would rank you very highly on most people’s favorite co-workers list. 

Stackable Lunch Pots

Carrying around big lunch boxes that take up lots of space isn’t very comfortable, but it’s a big part of many workers’ daily routine. This is why getting a colleague a package of stackable lunch pots will almost surely be greeted with a smile. It’s one of the most practical gifts you can give to a co-worker.

Gift, Ideas, Co-Workers
Finding the right gifts for co-workers is challenging by default, as it should be something personal and perhaps even playful, yet tasteful. Pixabay

On top of that, stackable lunch pots make a great team with custom stickers, which you can use either for marking purposes, or just to add a little personal touch.

Festive Candles

Festive candles add a very nice touch to a lot of different types of settings. They create an atmosphere of intimacy and coziness with their rich smells and elegant patterns. They also come in various designs, giving you diverse options.

Fancy Soaps

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Everyone loves fancy soaps and their stimulating aromas. Even more than festive candles, special soaps come in all kinds of shapes and forms, so you have room to experiment and make up a very diverse batch. In fact, picking out this gift is one of the most enjoyable experiences of choosing presents.


Collages are a great way to tap into some nostalgia and make a tribute to the past, and who doesn’t like to indulge in some reminiscing? Collages are particularly appropriate for birthdays and anniversaries.

What makes them particularly special is that they are a chance to kill two birds with one stone, commemorating not just the colleague’s years in the company, but also your relationship with him/her. The nature of that relationship will determine the kind of photos that make the cut. The closer you are with your coworker, the more kompromat you can include.

Gift, Ideas, Co-Workers
It’s a delicate balance that needs to be struck, and to help you do it, we have compiled a list of universal gifts that would rank you very highly on most people’s favorite co-workers list. Pixabay

As far as sentimental and personal gifts go, collages are one of the safest bets.

Desk Sculpture

Little sculptures are a great embellishment of a work desk, and if you happen to know your colleague’s taste, you can really hit a homerun. The sculpture can be motivational to help the person get through a rough week at the office, or something humorous to keep things lighthearted.


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Mugs are one of the most popular gift choices for coworkers for a reason – their practicality, as virtually everyone needs one.

Plus, despite their popularity, mugs can’t really turn into a cliché because the options for customization are infinite. You can make a mug that reflects a signature trait of your coworker’s personality, the theme of your relationship, among 100 other things.

On-the-Go Espresso Machine

This gift is so good it could turn into a curse. A coffee lover’s dream. This incredible device allows you to brew espresso at your very desk. It is very compact, weighing less than half a pound and taking up very little space.

The cleaning process is also extremely easy since there are no filters, so this otherwise very dreadful part about having your own coffee machine is completely eliminated. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser, and aromatherapy altogether, are great for loosening up the tension and make the office atmosphere a little less about business and a little more about pleasure. A gift like this can help a coworker relax and by doing so can actually improve productivity, performance, and the overall work experience.

Personal Air Circulation Fan

A personal air circulation fan can be a godsend in the hot summer days, especially for a co-worker who is always warm. This gift is very small and compact, making it extremely practical.


If you know your co-worker likes to read, then a book is always a great gift for a number of reasons.

First of all, it provides an experience that can last for a while, so if the book is to your colleague’s liking, he/she will be indirectly thinking about you for a while. Not just that, but the satisfaction of reading a quality book is intangible, so being the one who found it, you will be the object of some serious gratitude.

This gift also makes for a very fruitful subject for conversation, you can even start an improvised, casual book club. And if it happens that you haven’t read the book in question, well then you can borrow it once your coworker is done with it, which is the epitome of killing two birds with one stone.

Desktop Basketball

Desktop basketball is one of the best gifts you could give to a gamer, or even just someone with an affinity for playing with fun, quaint toys.

Desktop basketball is unique in that it is as simple as it is infinitely fun. It provides a nice, little break from work, or perhaps even a welcomed distraction that you sometimes need to get to that coveted “Eureka!” moment we see in films all the time. In that sense, desktop basketball can be particularly suitable for workers in the creative fields in which ideas can seemingly come out of nowhere sometimes, during times when the mind has some time to rest, wander, and make the associations that have been eluding it.

There are other desktop games like golf, for example, which are also viable options, but in our humble opinion, the basketball one is the best.

Mist Screen Cleaners

Mist screen cleaners are another universally practical gift as it can be useful to anyone with a phone and/or a computer, so unless you work in an Amish community, it should come in handy.

Having a dirty screen can be interpreted as a sign of the lack of professionalism, or at the very least, it just isn’t very nice to look at day after day, so this gift has both professional and personal value.

There are other gift ideas out there, but these ones represent a nice sample of diverse options which can be appreciated by many different kinds of people and professionals. 



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