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5 Best Home Remedies to Relieve Constipation Naturally

Meanwhile, you can always try these 5 home remedies to relieve constipation:

You may find it pretty hard to believe, but constipation affects over 20% of Americans, which results in over 8 million doctor visits every year.

Consuming a fiber-rich diet can significantly improve the symptoms of constipation, but these food sources should only contain soluble fiber and not its insoluble counterpart. While many people advise may you to include exercise in your daily life, studies have concluded that exercising has nothing to do with bowel movements.

Well, exercising may not help improve bowel movements but it certainly helps improve your digestion, which further helps almost eliminate the chances of constipation.

Meanwhile, you can always try these 5 home remedies to relieve constipation:

  1. Drink enough water

Not drinking enough water throughout the day can make you dehydrated, which can further lead to constipation. In order to prevent the odds of you being constipated, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

If you are already constipated and struggling to get the much-needed relief, you should try drinking carbonated or sparkling water that helps you rehydrate your body and get things moving again.

  1. Consume more soluble fiber

You must have heard people suggesting others, especially to those who are constipated, to consume more fibrous foods or increase their fiber intake throughout the day.

Well, there is a big reason behind that and that says increasing fiber intake leads to increased bulk as well as the consistency of bowel movements, which further makes them much easier to pass.

Based on a recent study, it was found that over 77% of people suffering from chronic constipation leveraged fibrous diet to pass it comfortably. On the other hand, some other studies claim that increasing your fiber intake has nothing to do with relieving constipation unless your choice of fiber is insoluble sources, such as wheat bran, whole grains, and vegetables.

Simply consume soluble fiber sources, such as oat bran, seeds, barley, beans, nuts, peas, and lentils.

Coffee for some individuals can significantly increase the urge to use the bathroom within a few minutes of drinking it, as coffee does stimulate your digestive system’s muscles and can regulate bowel movements. Pixabay

  1. Start doing exercise

While constipation is more of digestion-related issue, multiple studies based on how exercising affects constipation have yielded mixed results so far. On the other hand, there have been studies that have shown that exercising has no relation to increase bowel movements.

Not to lose hope, based on a recent randomized study involving constipated individuals with IBS, it was found that exercise significantly reduced the symptoms of constipation.

Well, if you’re constipated, doing exercise does no harm. You can simply try going out for regular walks.

  1. Drink caffeinated coffee

Coffee for some individuals can significantly increase the urge to use the bathroom within a few minutes of drinking it, as coffee does stimulate your digestive system’s muscles and can regulate bowel movements.

To dig deeper, based on a study, we can say that a cup of caffeinated coffee stimulated your gut in a way. In fact, this effect can be up to 60% stronger than that of a glass of water and up to 23% stronger as compared to that of decaffeinated coffee.

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  1. Eat probiotic foods/supplements

Certain probiotics can help prevent the state of chronic constipation.

In fact, individuals who have the problem of chronic constipation mostly have an imbalance of good bacteria (responsible for digestion) in their gut. It is proven that certain probiotics can actually help improve this bacteria balance and therefore effectively prevent constipation.

These probiotics greatly help treat constipation by simply producing short-chain fatty acids and lactic acid in the gut. This also improves bowel movement and makes passing a stool much easier.

In order to include these probiotics in your everyday diet, you can start eating foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut, as these foods contain good bacteria.


Constipation undoubtedly is an uncomfortable problem for many. If you also have this problem, you can always talk to your doctor about it and get a piece of advice that’s best for you. In the meantime, you can try the aforementioned home remedies to relieve constipation.

Another best supplement that you should consider consuming is psyllium husk with warm water. It is a rich source of fiber and certainly helps relieve constipation to a certain extent.



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