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Here are 6 Popular Places in Madhya Pradesh for Perfect Temple Wedding!

Sri Meenakshi temple
Wedding of goddess Meenakshi stucco work in Amman Sannathi of Sri Meenakshi temple ; Madurai. Pixabay
July 14, 2017: Weddings are said to be one of the most sacred occasions in India and the temples have served as the divine venues for the wedding, irrespective of any region, religion or culture. This is due to the holiness associated with temples and many people believe it that doing so will lead to a successful marriage. Another reason why people prefer such venues is to keep the wedding simple, surrounded by close relatives.
The loud trumpet, high pitched songs and the bustling of crackers in ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ celebrations add to the pollution and noise and today’s smart generation understands the cons attached with the ‘band baja baraat’ concept.
Couples have started opting out for temple weddings, not only to keep it short and simple but also to avoid the excess noise and pollution as in the case of former. They want it to be the perfect venue for their big day to make it a mesmerizing affair. We bring you some of the best destinations in Madhya Pradesh for a temple wedding.
Madhya Pradesh is one the state which is quite famous for its many historic temples and shrines. The sanctity and the epic view of these temples offer the perfect setting required in a Hindu wedding. It instigates in you a sacred feeling of starting a relationship that binds you and your partner forever.
Khajuraho Temple
Khajuraho. Wikimedia Commons
The temples of Khajuraho are considered to be a commemoration of the wedding of Lord Shiva & Parvati. Undoubtedly the city of Khajuraho tops the list of temple weddings in Madhya Pradesh. Adorned by the ancient heritage it is the city with temples signifying love and erotism. These destinations offer the perfect backdrop essential for an intimate union of a couple who are closely attached to the divine plan of creation. Khajuraho, the perfect example of excellence, prestige and erotic sculptures, is an ideal venue for temple wedding in India. Also, it has been declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.
Matangesvara temple among the temples of Khajuraho is the most suitable venue for temple weddings. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is known to have the world’s largest shivlings that stand about 8 ft tall and are made up of yellow limestone.
According to Hindu Mythology,  a sage named Matanga highly thought of as Lord Shiva, controlled the God of love by demonstrating himself in the form of a lingam. The temple which carries such a great importance in the history would be a perfect location for making the wedding an unforgettable affair.
Bhojeshwar Temple
Lingam of Bhojeshwar Temple. Wikimedia
Bhojpur is a historical town on the outskirts of Bhopal known for its greenery and the tranquility of the Betwa river. The town has been named after the acclaimed ruler of Paramara dynasty- King Bhoja. The Bhojeshwar temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is surrounded by lush greenery. This makes it an attractive place for the wedding.
The Archaeological Survey of India is responsible for the maintenance of this architectural wonder and the most amazing fact about the temple is that the linga inside the temple has been crafted out of a single rock. Apart from the clean surrounding, the crystal clear water of the Betwa river flowing next to the temple provides the perfect ambiance required for a temple wedding in this state.


Ahilyeshwar Temple. Wikimedia Commons
Ahilyeshwar Temple
Maheshwar, also known as the temple town, is one of the best wedding destinations due to the historical glory and authenticity of the place. The city has some historical sites which provide the solemn environment suitable for a wedding setup.
The Ahilyeshwar temple is one such place demonstrating the architectural skills of the Marathas. The softness of the Narmada waves adds to the serenity around the temple and makes it one of the desired location for wedding ceremonies.
Chintamann GaneshTemple, Ujjain. Wikimedia
Chintamann Ganesh Temple
The Chintamann Ganesh Temple is an ancient temple situated in Ujjain. Constructed on the Shipra River, it is the largest temple in the area devoted to Lord Ganesha. The simplicity and the soothing environment around makes It is an ideal place to conduct a ritual of the heavenly alliance called marriage.
Raja Ram Mandir. Wikimedia
Raja Ram Mandir
Raja Ram Mandir, also known as the palace temple is located opposite to the Orchha Fort. With the magnificent backdrop of the fort, the temple is the perfect setting for an auspicious day like the wedding.
Veiw of Gwalior city from Gwalior Fort. Wikimedia Commons
Also known as the fort city, Gwalior was founded by a ruler named Maharaja Suraj Sen. The panoramic view of the fort at the top of the hill and the spectacular palaces rule the whole city in terms of attractive sites. It is the host of the pearl of all Indian fortresses and so deserves to stand out as one of the epic locations for getting hitched in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
So, choose these perfect wedding destinations for your big day to make it a mesmerizing affair and a moment to cherish to forever.

by Sabnam Mangla of NewsGram, Twitter: @sabnam_mangla


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Currently, divorce has become so rampant; for instance, in the U.S, the divorce rate stands at a whopping 50 percent! Pixabay


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