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Best Sunny Leone’s songs which will make you groove

Sunny Leone has to her name some of the best party songs to get you in the grove. Her dancing style is amazing and her songs can certainly make you get up on your feet.

Sunny Leone is darling of Bollywood and has some of the best party songs to get you into the groove. wikimedia commons
Sunny Leone is darling of Bollywood and has some of the best party songs to get you into the groove. wikimedia commons

Despite discrimination, prejudices and criticism, Sunny Leone has made her mark in the Bollywood. She is one woman who has risen above the hate and has proved her mettle in the entertainment industry.

She has made a name for herself without any external or internal influences. She is beautiful, hard working and charismatic, which makes her one of the most adored celebrities in India. Here is the list of Sunny Leone songs in which she has proved her mettle as an entertainer and dancer:

Laila Main Laila 

This song from movie ‘Raees’ which also features Shah Rukh Khan is a total delight for our eyes and ears. Sunny’s dancing and chemistry with the King Khan in this song is straight fire. The song was an instant hit among the fans and can still be heard playing in discos.

Baby Doll

This ‘Raginig MMS’ song is a complete club banger. This song made Sunny Leone queen of all hearts. This upbeat song combined with Sunny’s stunning dancing, which by no means look easy, definitely makes it one of her best songs till date.

Desi Look

‘Ek Paheli Leela’ might have bombed on the box office but this song still remains fresh in our memories. The Victoria’s Secret like wings which Sunny adorns in this song only enhanced her beauty.  The song is catchy and her dancing is superb. Check the song out below:

Pink Lips

Pink Lips is another one of the Sunny Leone’s sizzling item numbers, it is from the movie ‘Hate Story 2.’ The movie couldn’t do much on the box office but this song with Sunny Leone’s exceptional dancing definitely became a saving grace for the film.

Chaar Bottle Vodka 

Honey Singh’s catchy lyrics and Sunny Leone’s dancing, can there be any other better club song ? This song can still be heard playing in the clubs all over and it definitely owes most of its popularity to Sunny Leone’s fabulous dancing skills.

Paani Wala Dance

This song is yet another club banger which will get you into the groove. The song is fun and Sunny Leone’s presence only made it better. It is definitely a summer song. The song is from the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ and you can listen to this fun song below:

Do Peg Maar

This song from her movie, ‘One Night Stand’ definitely stands apart from other Bollywood item songs. Sunny Leone has once again proved her amazing dancing skills in this catchy song, which will definitely get you into the groove.

 Saiyan Superstar

Sunny Leone dancing in bridal wear? Now, that’s definitely a treat for eyes. Her dancing moves were splendid and she looked absolutely gorgeous in this upbeat song. The song from movie ‘ek Paheli Leela’ is a total delight for the audience.

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