“Bhalla Calling Bhalla”: A Unique Show Made and Presented in Lockdown

A show named "Bhalla Calling Bhalla" has been made during the ongoing lockdown

The show will feature actor Gaurav Gera. Wikimedia Commons

Writer Sumrit Shahi is excited about his new show “Bhalla Calling Bhalla”. He says that the show has been made in a very unique way since all the actors are stuck at home due to the ongoing lockdown.

“The most unique thing about ‘Bhalla Calling Bhalla’ is that it is a show that is completely conceptualised, written, shot, edited and is presented to the audience during the lockdown. There was no set, no actors met each other. All of it happened remotely so it is truly a new-age technology experiment that we have done in this lockdown,” he said.

Talking about his thought process behind writing the show, he said: “I think what I kept in mind while writing the show was that since we are going through such challenging and testing times and everyone’s patience is low and stress levels are so high, everyone is worried and uncertain.”

Gracy Goswami also stars in the show. Wikimedia Commons

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“I just wanted a show that feels warm and easy to understand and most importantly to bring a smile on everyone’s face – that has been the endeavour behind the show. The story is about a dysfunctional Punjabi family and how they are not together in the lockdown. But somehow the lockdown will help them come together,” he added.

“Bhalla Calling Bhalla” stars Lubna Salim, Rajesh Kumar, Leenesh Matoo, Gracy Goswami and Gaurav Gera. (IANS)