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“Bharat-bandh” had mixed effect on people’s lives in Mysore

By Nithin Sridhar

The day-long nationwide strike called by various central trade unions and many other organizations had a mixed effect in Mysore.



Almost all schools and colleges declared a holiday for the day. Most of the banks remained closed as well.

school 3

In the central areas of Mysore, though most of the shops remained closed, many were kept open as well. The traffic too was dried up in areas of importance like Ramaswamy Circle, City Bus stand, etc. where heavy traffic could be seen on normal days.



Traffic 3

But the strike showed no significant effect in the residential areas. Shops remained open but the traffic was a little leaner than usual.

shops 2


traffic 1


Buses were stopped from plying till around 6 PM, though the Auto Rickshaws ran without any hindrance.

Protest at Ramaswami circle by AIDSO and other student organisations 2

In the morning, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) workers’ union marched in a rally starting from the Mysore Suburban Bus Stand to the Mysore City Bus Stand. The union was heard shouting slogans against union government’s proposed amendments regarding the motor bills.

Protest at Ramaswami circle by AIDSO and other student organisations 3

The student unions gathered in the morning near Ramaswamy circle in a symbolic protest against the union government’s policies regarding education.

Protest at Ramaswami circle by AIDSO and other student organisations

As a whole, even though the services like public transport, banking, and schools remained closed for the day, there were no disruptive effects on the lives of people, especially in the residential areas.

A Bank of Baroda branch in Kuvempunagar remained closed

Protest at Mysore City Bus Stand by KSRTC workers and drivers

Protest at Mysore City Bus Stand by KSRTC workers and drivers 3

Protest at Mysore City Bus Stand by KSRTC workers and drivers 2


Protest at KSRTC Bus Depot near Vivekananda Circle

A State Bank of India branch in Krishnamurthypuram as well as a State Bank of Mysore branch in Kuvempunagar remained close




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